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The average Eldritch Abomination is a being of incomprehensible morality and unfathomable intellect. Unfortunately the world they have chosen to inhabit is as alien to them as they are to humanoids. As such, they have taken on or forced to assume more humanoid forms as they pass judgement on our world, and learn more about it. As such, Eldritch Abominations that are not maliciously lashing out at the unknown are childishly curious about the world around them and wish to know as much as possible, often journeying with a mixed group to better understand the cultures of the group they travel with and the world at large. They can be very childish, spouting facts at random or repeating interesting words to themselves, but as a result do not always recognize threats approaching or the fact that they are in eminent danger.

Physical Description[edit]

Eldritch Abominations take many forms, based on when, how, where, and near what they arrive in this realm. Most settle on the form of humanoids, though they may appear to have something inherently wrong with them, such as transparent skin, sliver skin like that of a dragon, fur like that of a bear, extra extremities, unusually proportioned body parts, or missing features (such as possessing no nose or mouth). While most assume this rational form, they all possess a base form, the simplest adaptation of the creature's true form that can be comprehended by the creatures of this plane- typically a boiling mass of limbs and organic matter, with writhing tentacles or other purely alien features. However, an Eldritch Abomination cannot, due to limits of power, assume that form at will until the later stages of its comprehension of this plane. The race itself represents only a small portion of the full Abomination, an Avatar, and as such the beast itself may be much more powerful than the avatar is, and the physical portion present in this world is not the full creature.


Most races are unaware of the existence of such creatures as the Eldritch Abomination, and are disbelieving toward the idea of one. Most react in horror if they discover the Abomination's base form, attempting to exterminate it if possible or to otherwise kill the beast if it is within their means. Rarely, a cult may be formed dedicated to worshiping or summoning such a beast, believing it will grant them power, or at least kill them last. This version of the race would hardly be considered a success by their standards, however, though it may still be worshiped and venerated.


If Eldritch Abominations had a sense of morality before being called to this plane it is beyond comprehension, though it still may be brought into play through an unusual affinity towards a certain color or shape (for instance, an Abomination may identify as Red Square rather than, say, Lawful Neutral. It doesn't mean anything, though, except that this dimension is particularly foreign to the Abominatioin), typically Abominations have nothing representing morality when it enters. It is very impressionable during the early stages of its development, and while it typically enters the realm as True Neutral, it quickly changes based on its experiences.


The Eldritch Abomination has no favored areas or lands, basing its experiences as usual on what it finds. Some may be more comfortable in areas such as the Astral Plane, due to their (slightly) closer proximity to the Abomination's home dimension.


Most Abominations scoff at the idea of religion, the same way a god might refuse to worship another being of similar power. Some, though, are curious about the subject and may even choose to venerate a god themselves. They hold no preference in that case.


Eldritch Abominations know Deep Speech. In addition, one racial language is chosen to represent the race that the Eldritch Abomination first made contact with.


Racial names are derived from common phonetic pronunciations of the few words in Lovecraftian that mortals can fully comprehend. They may appear as gibberish to those unfamiliar with the tongue. Examples include Cthulhu, Yog Shogoth, Azathoth, and Shub-Niggarath. Such names are rather unwieldly, and Abominations are sometimes given names according to local traditions for ease of speech.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 "Intelligence", -2 "Wisdom", -6 "Charisma": While curious enough to actively seek knowledge wherever they can, the Aberration is not used to the natural laws of the area in which he now lives, and as a result often suffer for it in terms of common sense.
  • "Aberration (Extraplanar)": as the avatar or trapped form of a being not native to this world, the creature gains the Extraplanar quality at all times. Unless for some reason your campaign takes place in all planes simultaneously.
  • Medium: no bonuses or penalties.
  • Eldritch Abomination base land speed is 30 feet: those that have chosen to take the shape of a Small creature instead use that creature's base speed.
  • A Form You Are Familiar With (Su): At will, the character may assume a lesser form of itself small, medium, or large with no added apendge's eye's or wing's, or the same race as that of a small, medium or large sentient creature nearby, gaining its size, physical traits, and racial movement but no other features. Once so transformed, it may safely interact with creatures of the resident plane. The Abomination must use this ability if it is able outside of combat, but may drop it in combat at no cost. It is canceled in an antimagic field as well as if Dispel Magic is cast upon the Abomination (DC 25).
  • Knowledge of the Ageless Ones: Gain a +10 bonus to all knowledge skill checks.
  • Maddening Body (Ex): You have 24 points to buy from this list of racial features. When not under the effect of A From You Are Familiar With, you gain those qualities as well as proficiency with those features. You may not choose a quality more than once unless specified otherwise. At each level you gain 2 additional points to spend.
    • Multiple Limbs: Your body gains two more appendages. You gain two more natural attacks with appendages, and you gain a +2 bonus to prevent being Tripped or Bull Rushed as long as you are on the ground. This trait can be taken an unlimited number of times. Each time it is taken, it grants two extra limbs and another +2 bonus on being tripped or bull rushed. This costs 4 points.
    • Tentacles: Your limbs (some or all) are now tentacles. They now deal 1d6 lethal damage and have reach and +4 on Grapple checks. Unlike most weapons with reach tentacles can also strike at targets nearby. Cost is 2 point.
    • Sharp: Your limbs and tentacles grow sharp claws or spines and deal an additional 2 point of damage on a successful hit, per hit. In addition, unarmed strikes now count as armed and deal 1d6 lethal instead of 1d3 nonlethal at no cost. If you already have tentacles your unarmed attacks instead do 2d6 damage and get an additional 2 points of damage on successful hits. Cost is 2 point.
    • Maddening Appearance: As an Extraordinary ability, your very presence drives those around you mad. Enemies must make a Will Save equal to 5+your level+Your Intelligence or be affected as by confusion, fear, or blinded. This ability can be taken up to three times, each time you may select an additional property to take effect. Cost is 4 points.
    • Thousand Unearthly Eyes: You gain a +8 bonus on Spot and Search checks. Cost is 2 point.
    • Alien Mind: Gain telepathy in addition, when communicating with a sentient creature that is not immune to fear effects the target must succeed on a Will save equal to 5+your level+Your Intelligence or be Shaken for 1d6 rounds- this ability can be suppressed at will. Cost is 4 points.
    • Alien Anatomy: Gain immunity to critical hits and sneak attack damage. As a drawback, heal checks add 10 to their DC to affect you. Costs 8 points.
    • Acquired Customs: Gain one feat. You may select feats that you do not possess the proper racial prerequisites for but all other prerequisites must be met. Costs 8 points.
    • Wings: Gain Flight (30 ft/round, poor maneuverability) as well as a pair of wings. This may be taken more than once- each time increases the flight speed by 30 feet as well as adding a new pair of wings and increases the level of mmaneuverablity. This costs 2 points the first time, and 4 points every time after the first.
    • Metallic Wings: Your wing feathers are made of gleaming metal You gain two wing attacks. These are secondary natural attacks that deal 1d4 points of slashing damage (or 1d3 if you are Small).
    • Surprising Speed: Increase the base land speed by 30 feet. This may be taken more than once. This costs 4 points.
    • Resistance: Gain a 5/- resistance to an element of your choosing. This may be chosen more than once, with a different element chosen each time. Costs 2 point.
    • Blue and Orange Morality: Replace alignment with a color and shape of your choosing. Simultaneously count as every alignment for both positive and negative effects. Costs 6 points.
    • Unnatural Talents: Gain +2 to a stat of your choice this ability may be taken an unlimited number of times although it may only be applied up to five times to any one stat. Costs 2 point.
    • Aboleth anotmy: Gain gills giving the ability to breathing under water.
    • Amorphous Body: Gain +6 Natural Armor bonus to AC due to your body's unique quality which allows it to seem to move and shift around attacks. Costs 8 points.
    • Unfathomable Mind: Gain immunity to all spells and special abilities which function by altering your mind. This ability may be suppressed at will. Costs 8 points.
  • Automatic Languages: Deep Speech.

Bonus Languages: any, even secret languages such as Druidic.

  • Favored Class: Wizard
  • Level Adjustment: +8 (without Sharp, Tentacles, Limbs, Wings, Alien Mind, Surprising Speed and Unnatural Talents), +10 (without Wings, Alien Mind, Surprising Speed and Unnatural Talents), +20 (with everything)

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
0 years +0 +.5 +1

This class is "born" fully formed, in adult shape, and has no maximum age and no penalty for aging. As a non-native outsider, this race cannot be resurrected if killed, short of a Wish or LimitedWish

Table: Eldritch Abomination Random Height and Weight
Base Form Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Genderless 6' 0" +3d4" 250 lb. × +2d6*10 lb.

This form is for use when transformed from the regular form. When in the "regular" guise of another race, use that race's base height and weight.

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