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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a rampant unicorn or a unicorn's horn
Home Plane: Wilderness of the Beastlands (formerly Prime Material Plane)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Forests, Woodlands, Flora, Fauna, Fertility
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Purification, Sun
Favored Weapon:

Ehlonna of the Forests


Deep within the Beastlands layer of Krigala is the Grove of the Unicorns, a realm she shares with the like-minded goddess Mielikki. The grove sits at the base of a cluster of great sequoias that form a natural cathedral for those beneath the canopy. The lowest branches of the trees are hundreds of feet in the air, such that those with wings can fly through Ehlonna's cathedral without difficulty.

Those who reside within the borders of Ehlonna's realm live in peace with the trees and animals, and they are similarly left alone by the wild creatures. The thinking creatures of the Beastlands adore Ehlonna, ensuring that she is often aware of occurrences that happen far from her domain. True to its name, the grove attracts groups of unicorns. In addition, there are herds of bariaurs in Ehlonna's service. The grove is not far from Skerrit's realm; centaur petitioners are found in Ehlonna's realm and unicorns in Skerrit's.

All spells cast by rangers within the Grove of the Unicorns are enhanced, and all spells that create food or water are exceptionally bountiful. Ehlonna and Mielikki have the power to make other alterations to magic within their realm, if they so desire.


Ehlonna teaches that the animals and plants of the forests are gifts, and are not to be stolen. She is often the goddess of rangers and druids and opposes hunters and those who would rape the land for fun or profit.


Ehlonna is the patron of all good-aligned folk who love the forests. She is worshipped by hunters, trappers, foresters, rangers, woodcutters, and more. Brownies, elves, gnomes, and halflings are especially attuned to Ehlonna of the Forests, and will willingly aid her. Ehlonna's worship is centered in the area from the Wild Coast to the Ulek States, and from the Kron Hills to the sea. She is among the deities worshipped in Hardby.


Ehlonna's services involve vessels of horn and wood, the playing of pipes and flutes, and various herbs. Typical prayers to Ehlonna feature at least two references to positive aspects of the forest. Her ceremonies take place in the forest where possible and involve the various aspects of fertility. Children take part in the more innocent ones.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

For clerics of Ehlonna/Ehlenestra, her domains include Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Purification, and Sun. Her favored weapon is the longbow. Clerics of Ehlonna wear pale green robes.

Each cleric of Ehlonna chooses a species of plant as their special ward. They must see to it that their species flourishes and that its properties are respected by common folk. Clerics of Ehlonna often carry the seeds of their chosen plant with them on journeys.


Temples to Ehlonna are usually camouflaged lodges in sylvan settings, although small shrines often exist in villages.

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