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  • There is a legend preserved by those who study the "Sun and the Moon", the "Yin and the Yang", the "Light and the Dark", or the "Fire and the Ice"; of the existence of a sword forged with another sword, with the energy of the Sun and the Moon, and the energy of Fire and Ice. This sword is known by many names, but the most famous - and feared - of all is Ecylpsis. Nobody knows exactly its origin, nor the ones responsible for its creation. Nevertheless, its users are also famous: from epic mortal heroes to celestials and minor deities, there were many who claimed to have wielded Ecylpsis. Ecylpsis is a double edged sword, kinda like a Glaive, connected by a handle. One side has a symbol of the Sun, and the other, a symbol of the Moon. This weapon, can be connected together, to be called, Ecylpsis, or, it can be broken into two swords, called: Daybreaker, and Nightbringer. Once broken apart, the two swords can be reconnected into Ecylpsis by a command word. That Command Word is Equinox. To break Ecylpsis apart, into the two different swords, the command word is, Solstice.
  • Information from the most preserved tale about this sword says that it has a long and broad blade, made of a unknown white crystal that emanates a continual glow and consists of an extremely light and hard material at the same time. One edge has the color of Orange and Yellow, the other side, has the color of Black and Blue.
  • In game terms, Ecylpsis is a Glaive type of weapon. Its alignment, is of True Neutral. This Weapon is the size of a GreatSword, but thanks to its lightweight, Ecylpsis is wielded as if it were a Spear with respect to weight and ease to use. Despite being a brilliant energy weapon, Ecylpsis can harm undeads, constructs and objects normally.
  • The unique nature of the crystal from which Ecylpsis is made is Unknown.
  • Ecylpsis is not a manufactured weapon. Its true power surpasses anything ever crafted by the hands of men or any other mortal races. That is the reason why Ecylpsis is priceless and there is no known way to produce it. You cannot randomly find this Item. Some people have acquired this powerful weapon through a Wish.
  • Ecylpsis cannot be destroyed, unless it is thrown into the River Styx.


As Ecylpsis[edit]

It is considered to be a +4 Weapon. Upon Command, the wielder can throw Ecylpsis as if it were a Glaive, with properties like a Boom-a-rang. The Weapon will always return to the wielder, even if they miss or hit. Also, upon Command, the user can put Ecylpsis in front of them, and say a command word. Once the command word has been said, Ecylpsis will begin to spin very, very fast. It will then shoot a Energy Beam, A 6d6 Lightning Bolt, wherever the user is facing. This only lasts for a few seconds, since the bolt flies straight.

As Daybreaker[edit]

It is considered to be a +2 Weapon. Upon Command, the Wielder can cast Daylight in a 30ft area. Also upon command, the wielder can cast Fireball Barrage, a 4d6 fireball that, on impact, explodes with a area of 15 feet. Anyone standing in that 15 feet of area will take 4d6 points of damage.

As Nightbringer[edit]

It is considered to be a +2 Weapon. Upon Command, the wielder can cast Darkness in a 30ft area. Also upon command, the wielder can cast Dark Side, A Cone of Cold that covers a radius of 30ft. All caught in the Cone, must make a save vs magic. If save is made, then movement is reduced by 1/2. If failed, then the target is frozen to the ground and can't move. They can still attack with bows. Every round, they must roll another saving throw. If made, then they can continue using bows, if Failed, then they squat and start shivering, meaning no further attacking. Anyone inside of the Cone takes 2d10 hp damage unless made their save, which they take half.

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