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Here are step by step instructions to cheat the system as a magic-user and make your very own iron, diamond, adamantine, or other types of golems for a much cheaper price:

1. Create a golem out of a cheap material such as pottery or wood (actually, make a few of them)

2. Open a portal to the plane of Limbo.

3. One by one, place a golem in limbo until it turns into a very strong material and pull it back out.

4. Voila!

Note: Due to the golem's immutable form, if it was to turn into a disconnecting material such as a liquid, it will remain in a golem physique and not drift apart and destroy the golem. So if the DM brings this up, just let him/her know that fact.

This glorious idea made by Greenmaw, Dragonborn... Cleric (shame I can't use it).

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