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Dyzand's Blade[edit]

This ancient, matte grey greatsword is absolutely covered in scratches and scarring. It has no ornamentation, and no magical aura. However, in spite of this, it maintains an almost supernaturally sharp cutting edge. Its size lends power to it, while simultaneously limiting who may wield it. On the pommel, someone took the time to carve a word in a language long-since forgotten. It reads, "Undefeated".

This massive adamantine greatsword is not enchanted in any way. It is, however, of a unique design - while the blade is sized for a Huge wielder, the grip is sized for a Medium one. As such, it behaves under its own rules. A Medium character may wield it as a two-handed weapon, provided his Strength score is 18 or greater, with a cumulative -1 penalty to attack rolls for every point his Strength score is below 23. A Medium character with a Strength score of 17 or less simply cannot wield it at all. Large characters face a similar restriction, except they need a Strength score of 15 or higher, and the penalties are for scores below 20. Huge characters may wield it as normal, but can also wield it as a one-handed weapon, provided they take the feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dyzand's Blade). Even still, they take a -2 penalty to attack rolls while doing this.

Due to its size, and the uniqueness and mastery of its creation, it is treated as magical and epic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction, but has no enhancement bonus or magical properties.

In all other ways, it uses the statistics of a huge masterwork adamantine greatsword, doing 4d6 damage, and weighing 24 lbs.


The secrets of the forging of this blade have been lost to antiquity. All that is known is this - it was forged for a man blessed with a powerful build named Dyzand, and he was the only man in his time known to have been able to wield the blade. When he vanished from the history books, apparently dying in battle, so too did this blade. As he never truly gave it a name - he simply called it "my sword", as if it was an extension of his body - it is refered to as "Dyzand's Blade" purely for convenience.

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