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Dweomerling, 1st-lvl adept Dweomerlord, 8th-lvl druid
Size/Type: Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Augmented Ooze) Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Augmented Ooze)
Hit Dice: 1d6 (3 hp) 8d8+16 (55 hp)
Initiative: +3 -1 (-1 Dex)
Speed: 20' (4 squares) 20' (4 squares)
Armor Class: 9 (-1 Dex), touch 9, flat-footed 9 13 (-1 Dex, +4 armor [+1 hide]), touch 9, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/+1 +5/+8
Attack: Slam -1 melee (1d6-1 plus dispel) Slam +4 melee (1d6-1 plus dispel)
Full Attack: Slam Slam
Space/Reach: 5'/5' 5'/5'
Special Attacks: Change shape, dispel (CL 5, 3/day), spells (1st-lvl adept, CL 3, DC's 14 plus spell lvl) Change shape, dispel (CL 14, 10/day), spells (8th-lvl druid, CL 12, DC's 19 plus spell lvl), wild shape (Large 3/day)
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 3/bludgeoning, darkvision 90', dweomerling traits, low-light vision, magicsense 90', resist electricity 6, resist fire 3 Animal companion, damage reduction 6/bludgeoning, darkvision 90', dweomerling traits, low-light vision, magicsense 150', resist electricity 12, resist fire 9, resist nature's lure, trackless step, woodland stride
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +3 Fort +11, Ref +3, Will +13
Abilities: Str 9, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 11 Str 9, Dex 8, Con 15, Int 15, Wis 24, Cha 9
Skills: Concentration +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Spellcraft +9, Survival +7 Concentration +13, Diplomacy +10, Handle Animal +9, Knowledge (Nature) +15, Listen +11, Spellcraft +21, Spot +11, Survival +18 (+20 abvgrnd nat environs)
Feats: Improved Initiative Natural Bond, Natural Spell, Track
Environment: Temperate or warm wet or semi-wet places Temperate or warm wet or semi-wet places
Organization: Solitary, assistance (1 dweomerling 2nd-4th-lvl adept plus 3-5 mudmen), smackdown (1-2 dwli 5rd-8th-lvl adp plus 2-3 grt mudmen) Solitary, adventuring party (self plus 2-4 equal ECL NPCs), muddy circle (self plus 1-3 ECL 7-9 dweomerling druids or wizards plus 2-4 8-12 HD adv grt mudmen plus 1 10 HD adv treant)
Challenge Rating: 1 11
Treasure: Standard Standard
Alignment: Usually neutral, often lawful True neutral
Advancement: By class By class
Level Adjustment: +2 +2

There's a delta some two-hundred paces from the seaside barracks, said to lead to a coven of witches or pond full of fairies several miles south-southwest along the river. There, the man-shaped mud beasts have of late become more active, and aggressive. They used to leave travelers alone unless they stupidly went within arm's reach of their pig pen.

But lately they've been stepping out and attacking people who just passed within sight of their streams. Half a week ago a woman taking some scrolls from the baron's court sorcerer was slain and her parcel stolen, all the way out to the dirt road! That's never happened before, except after rainfall heavy enough to attract those filthy mudbathers!

We didn't want to get rid of them as they were good at keeping down the dangerous animal population, but we have no choice anymore if we want our own to survive. We can't send our usual troops as they're busy guarding the town, and they'd be killed anyway. Nor can we send our commander, as he refuses to risk his expensive, magical equipment; when asked he reacted as if we wanted him to jump down a pit full of rust monsters! And the sorcerer? Ha, his spells would just make them hungrier.

There must be SOME reason for their sudden bravado and hostility. Let us hope they don't soon figure out they could squeeze through the inch-wide cracks in the town walls built only of logs.

No True Mudmen[edit]

When a greater mudman feeds well for at least another 10 years, it can make a conscious decision to metamorphise into a true dweomerling. This is their story.

From Mire to Magic[edit]

No matter how large it was before, the greater mudman spends a full day in a pool of magical mud, concentrating its body into a smaller, more compact form while shedding excess mud. If it's heavily distracted (like a Wizard trying to cast a spell while under attack), and it fails a Concentration check (with a racial bonus equal to its hit dice), the pseudo-meditation ritual is ruined and it instantly reforms as the greater mudman it was prior to the ritual with one negative level per four hours it was meditating, no matter how close it was to a breakthrough. It can try again after a week and a day, assuming it survives the distraction.

A greater mudman instinctually knows it can transform into a true dweomerling the moment it feeds well for 10 years. It can be told before this time and thus know about it, but it cannot UNDERSTAND. Even if it doesn't know the exact results, by now it realizes that to be a true dweomerling is to know inner peace and spiritual perfection, and treats the process with religious zeal. "Younger" greater mudmen don't know what the fuss is about, and think of those on the path to dweomerhood as silly old men or weak goody-two-shoes.

At this point it needs to make a Wisdom check at DC 35 to figure out how (it cannot take 10). It can retry the check once a month and every time its HD advances, and the DC lowers by 1 every time it fails the check. Another greater dweomerling who's figured it out but hasn't become one can Aid Another, whereas a true dweomerling tutor permanently lowers the DC by 1 with every week-long lesson with its pupil or pupils.

The resulting true dweomerling does not carry over its hit dice (no matter how much the greater mudman was advanced), class levels, ability scores, templates (except in rare circumstances), or anything else but its (new and improved) mind and personality. It is for all intents and purposes a brand new creature. It's a 1 hit die creature that chooses its class later (replacing that racial HD as normal).

Man from the Muck[edit]

Dweomerlings are no longer beasts of mud, but instead have "flesh" the consistency of clay (and are often mistaken for small clay golems when disrobed, with unusually detailed and expressive faces [+10 racial bonus to disguise checks to pass as a clay golem or similar man-shaped creature made of clay]). They're the same height and width of normal mudmen: about 4 feet tall and almost as wide, like a parody of a dwarf. Their coloration is about any shade of brown (but see below). Dweomerlings are genderless.

The mind and personality of a dweomerling is altered; they aren't nearly as vicious as they used to be. They're not calm and aloof like monks or sages, but they're close. Some become more aggressive as they age, in a good or bad way. They aren't arrogant, as such would be comically difficult for something that was birthed by spellcaster muck that hungered for more -- this goes a long way towards keeping them down to earth no matter their power. They're usually true neutral, and more are lawful than the number of chaotic dweomerlings. Most aren't evil nor good. Those without at least one neutral component to their alignment are rare. They might drop previous goals and change allegiances after this second chance at life, but not always, especially if they've made enemies. In any case, they're nowhere near as voracious and greedy for magic items as they were as greater mudmen.

They have overcome all of their spell vulnerabilities (unless they change shape; see below), and are as mobile and alert as any creature of its Dexterity score. They develop sight like normal creatures, their previously empty eye sockets now with pinpricks of blazing arcane light of a color as varied and random as a human's eyes -- though it always has more fantastic glows like blue, violet, red, white, cyan, orange... The "eyes" move around in the socket depending on where the dweomerling looks. It can "turn off" this glow like a human closing his eyes, but if they're not closed they're visible in the dark. The light can be blocked with the right eye-wear, such as dark glass half-spheres they stick directly into their sockets around the glow.

Perfect mudmen (a name dweomerlings never call themselves, but tolerate from greater mudmen on the path to muddy enlightenment) don't need to "eat" nearly as much magic as they used to. They cannot absorb spells, but have weakened dispelling touches. They can no longer devour spells, but do not miss that, gaining enough sustenance from magic items and ambient energy (which it finds tasty enough). It never needs to drain magic from magic items (and never does so from its own!) but finds them to be a delicacy. If it spends lengthy times in areas of antimagic or on a plane of dead magic (where it is very, very uncomfortable), it risks starvation.

The best of them see mudmen as stumbling children, while the rest see only pack animals or at worst, an embarrassment. They think of greater mudmen as either annoying teenagers or younger siblings in need of help.

As befits their new nature, a great many of them become wizards or other arcane spellcasters. Just as many become druids, feeling themselves, as creatures literally of the earth, closer to the magic of nature than any being of flesh could. Some have a preference for earth- and water-based spells. They rarely become clerics as they already know their origin story, and it is not flattering. Even more rarely do they become fighters, rogues, barbarians, or other warrior classes as many would find it regressive to return to their roots of mindless brutality (as they see it). They don't begrudge others their martial prowess and value its many uses, they just personally find it distasteful. Not only that, but their bodies age and break down too fast to enjoy being a heavy-hitter for long.

The Model Mold[edit]

They have minor control over their build, thinning or widening its torso to modify its height up to half a foot in either direction with a few seconds of effort. They can also shrink or widen its arms and legs to extend or shorten them about a foot each. This way they can achieve a body similar to that of a bulky human rather than an extraordinarily squat dwarf (though they can do that too), though it's always very sturdy on its tree trunk legs.

They can also slightly alter the texture of their outer flesh from smooth to very rough. It sometimes changes on its own with the dweomerling's mood, becoming rougher and pointier if it's excited or angry (if it succeeds on a disguise check, these alterations don't occur when they would as anything else would with a disguise). It doesn't give them natural armor or anything. Its as dry as human skin, so don't worry about leaving clay smears on everything a dweomerling touches. Unless it's temporarily shapechanged into its mud-like body again, in which case things get dirty.

While most dweomerlings are brown, an aesthetically-minded greater mudmen could conceivably fill its meditation pool with inks and dyes to make its true dweomerling self any color it wishes. Any dweomerling at a later time can dye itself by assuming mud form and mixing with it, or bleach itself clear of color (normal water doesn't wash it out). Its eye color stays the same regardless, though could be temporarily changed with something like prestidigitation (or permanently with more powerful magic like a limited wish, or a lower-level spell designed to alter a dweomerling's eye color).

They are capable of vocal speech by having a hollow chamber down the back of its throat to half-way down its chest. It doesn't breathe, but it can mimic the motions to do so. Its speech is low and slow due to these unnatural motions needed to talk. It can also "drink" by absorbing liquids spilled into itself and absorb it into the walls of its innards, but food just sits there (dweomerlings cannot chew nor digest, and have no sense of taste except for magic). Alcohol doesn't do anything for them over any other liquid, though magical spirits could make them drunk (and only with effort, due to its impressive resistance to even supernatural toxins). Their ability to taste magic could make some dweomerlings into conniseurs of planar wine.

At any time though it can become as mud again, usually as a disguise, to hide in mud, or to move under the cracks of doors. However, most dweomerlings find that distasteful (at least around other dweomerlings). Though it is more sensitive to magic in this state, it becomes vulnerable to spells again as if it were a greater mudman, and can't wear or use most equipment. It also cannot cast any spells aside from purely mental ones. This, and the return of its hated vulnerabilities, is primarily the reason they would rather not stay muddy for extended periods of time, coupled with the shame of "regression". Most of them, though, choose to sleep in this form due to them recovering from wounds faster. It's akin to the shame of a naked human among strangers; like humans, some dweomerlings are less shameful about being in "the nude" than others. For the most part, the older a dweomerling is, the less it cares.

They don't have quite the same sense of modesty that humanoids do, though they'll wear loose-fitting and comfortable garb to keep their companions comfortable. They have nothing against wearing armor, but try to limit what cloaks and vestments they equip incase they need to do an emergency shapechange, which cannot wear large items and tin suits.


Dweomerlings often stay within their pool for years, foraying only briefly, while it grows in power and experience. It may try to tutor greater mudmen into becoming as itself. If it succeeds it may create a brotherhood of spellcasters that goes off on grand adventures, the most successful founding druid circles or wizard colleges that last centuries (which might spawn more magic mud pools, beginning the cycle all over again). In these cases, at least one is a druid and/or specializes in summoning so the party does not lack dumb muscle.

The less fortunate can only call the nearly-animal mudmen their brethren. After a time this one may leave in search of its place in the world. In any case, a dweomerling who leaves its pool of birth for years and returns feels about as wistful and nostalgic about as a peasant-turned-paladin does about the hamlet of her youth.

Except for those with darker attitudes, who feel shameful about being nothing more than magical waste. These may seek misplaced vengeance against the source of their magical mud, but not before slaying all other mudmen they see out of self-hatred.


Dweomerlings have humble yet enchanted origins, and aside from a strong magician's bent, they are a clean slate (relatively speaking) for many personalities to take root. As such, their goals and desires usually shaped by their chosen society.

Like so many magical "accidents", dweomerlings have no real place in the natural order. Most choose to fit themselves in, though, with druid circles or joining a wizard's college (one of the least likely places where its humanoid inhabitants would be horrified by its appearance).

As permanently open planar portals are very likely to jettison much magical debris into the surrounding environs, dweomerlings (as well as mudmen) might find themselves all over the planes where bizarre creatures such as themselves are commonplace.

Language of the Lime[edit]


This language is "spoken" by emitting tiny pulses of magic in specific patterns and energy. It is meant to broadcast concepts quickly and without refinement. The vast majority of its "speakers" use it as such, but mudmen who become intelligent have tweaked and expanded the language, so for them it is at least as complex as common, though it still gets the basic point and emotions across about as fast as telepathy.

Other creatures can "hear" Dweomerspeak only if they're similarly sensitive to magic, or under the effect of Detect Magic. Most of these creatures can't tell that it's "speech" if they don't know what to "listen" for; unless they've learned Dweomerspeak, it is like a human's sense of smell compared to a bloodhound's, only able to notice the most blatant and aggressive communications (RUN! I HUNGER!).

It's almost impossible, though, for others to communicate with it (even if they've somehow learned Dweomerspeak) except with specific apparatus' or wondrous items. Most mudmen are too dumb to tell the difference, but to greater mudmen and true dweomerlings, this comes off sounding uncultured and dull-witted (though no moreso than normal mudman "speech").

In an area or plane of limited magic, Dweomerspeak is as difficult to use as listening with earplugs and speaking with a sock in your mouth. In wild magic, it's like shouting over Pandemonium's maddening, howling winds. In antimagic and dead magic, though, it's outright impossible.

Creatures capable of "speaking" Dweomerspeak can use it to cast verbal components in spells in order to hide them from most creatures and to be able to cast verbal spells in silenced areas. Creatures with detect magic detect fluctuating energy like static electricity around you when using Dweomerspeak to cast spells with verbal components, and creatures who can detect and understand the language know you're casting a spell just as well as creatures know you're casting one with speech.

Dweomerling Adept[edit]

You see a group of five or so, dwarf-like humanoid creatures. They curiously resembling clumps of ambulatory wet dirt. The smallest one, on closer inspection, looks much more dry and solid than the rest, with tiny, glowing white pinpricks in its large eye sockets under a heavy brow. It wears a tree-green cape and a leather potion belt. This one turns towards you for a moment, then disinterestedly looks back to where it and the rest were walking. A moment later its head sharply turns towards you again, and its toothless jaw drops a bit as it stares wide-eyed at the magic blade you just won from a hobgoblin war chief, somehow knowing right where it is under your own cloak and sheathe. It stops and turns with a focused expression. It throws its cloak aside, pulls a wand from its belt along with a potion in a small clay pot, which it drinks and throws into a rock, shattering it. It points at you, and its fellows, who up until here were mindlessly ambling away, suddenly turn and charge!

The youngest dweomerlings still retain a bit of the mudman's insatiable hunger for magic. It takes them years to fully realize they don't need as much anymore. But no matter their age, they still would rarely turn down a good meal. More than a few young ones, along with those who simply remain greedy, are likely to attack travelers or raid settlements for their magical goods (though few are wantonly cruel except to those who refuse to give up their magic). Especially if they're leaders of mudmen or paired with a greater mudman who is even more greedy than himself.


This neophyte attempts to befuddle its foes and stay alive while its allies do its dirty work. That is, if it can't stay out of the thick of combat in the first place. They are far from stupid.


Dispel (Su): While dweomerlings no longer "eat" spells, one can still be highly disruptive to magic users. It works like that of a greater mudman, with the following exceptions: it can be used a number of times per day equal to the dweomerling's character level (including level adjustment) the CL of the dispel check is equal to its char lvl (incl LA) with a maximum of +20. Magic weapons hitting it are not dispelled unless it is using its Change Shape, where the CL is = char lvl (incl LA), max +10. This can be combined with a (melee only) touch spell (the dispelling happens before the touch spell goes off). Dispelling is a very deliberate action; dweomerlings never inadvertently dispel their own magic equipment.
Change Shape (Su): As a full-round action, a dweomerling's body turns similar to how it was as a greater mudman (though relatively small). It becomes immune to critical hits, all poison, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning, its damage reduction increases by 3 every 9 char lvls (incl LA, min +0), gains a climb speed equal to three-quarters its base land speed, its stability goes to +8 on muddy ground, and it can go through tiny spaces as a mudman could (+20 racial bonus on Escape Artist checks).
It has -4 Dex while changed (cannot bring Dex below 1), and can no longer wield weapons or wear equipment unless it could conceivably work "inside" it (like rings, amulets, and bracers, but not armor, shields, or cloaks); those that can't, fall to its feet upon changing. Equipment that goes within a dweomerling, automatically returns to its previous location upon shapechanging back to normal form.
It regains the Engulf Item (Ex) and Suffocation (Ex) abilities it had as a mudman, but also has the greater mudman's Spell Vulnerabilities.
It cannot cast spells with verbal (except with Dweomerspeak; see below) or somatic components, nor can it speak except with Dweomerspeak (the form isn't as stable as one who is mudlike at all times).
While in this shape, dweomerlings ignore difficult terrain.
The dweomerling stays in this form until it solidifies back to its normal form with a standard action. It cannot use this ability while changed into another form (e.g. alter self, wild shape).
Spells: 1st-lvl adept, CL 3. DC's are 14 plus spell level (Wis-based).
Typical spells prepared (3/2)
0th-- create water, light, touch of fatigue (DC 14)
1st-- cause fear (DC 15), obscuring mist


Dweomerling Traits (Ex): See Dweomerlings as Characters, below.
Cloak of resistance +1
Potion of aid
Potion of mage armor (3)
Potion of sanctuary (3)
Potion of shield of faith (3)
Wand of burning hands
Magicsense (Ex): See dweomerling traits.

Dweomerlord Druid[edit]

Your party escapes the burning abode of your hated foe, the Caliph of Tears, its flames starting a wildfire in the surrounding hot jungle. Screeching chimps and exotic birds flee the scene with you. After a several minute breather, your scout spots dire panthers hiding in the bushes! You rush away, not able to handle a fight right after the climax of your previous adventure. As you run you stand face to face with a dire ape with a gigantic club. One of the trees animates and grabs your spellcaster, and the rest of your party are hit with webbing that pins you down. You are surrounded by beasts and monstrous spiders, but they merely wait as storm clouds suddenly rumble overhead, raining on the wildfire and steaming up the woods, cooling the air considerably. In a few moments appears what seems to be a humanlike earth elemental wearing the hide of an elephant, complete with pebbles and green sprouts dotting its rough, exposed skin. It looks unhappy. A bolt of lightning strikes it, though it is completely unphased. While the thunder still echoes, the fearsome creature's face tansforms into that of a warthog, giant tusks and all, and speaks in low and throaty tones, "You've sinned against Nature, meat animal. I will show you that even your kind are not above the law of the land." Its outline blurs, then it transforms into a gigantic bird of prey with the same tusked snarl and takes to the air.

Proving that some things never change, the dweomerlord is prepared to lay down the (jungle's) law on those who choose not to respect the Balance.

This dweomerlord's home is either in an oasis with plenty of swampy areas for its liking, or by a stream in a jungle bordering a desert. It has a thing for spiders, casting several spider-related spells and has a medium monstrous spider as an animal companion. It is middle-aged, and thus have a +1 to mental ability scores and -1 to the physical ones.


Like pretty much every druid ever, the dweomerlord buffs himself and his companion prior to combat, then slaps on disabling spells for the first few rounds, cleaning house in wild shape for the next round or two.


Spells: 8th-lvl druid, CL 12. DC's are 19 plus spell level (Wis-based).
Typical spells prepared (6/6/5/5/3)
0th-- create water (2), light, mending, guidance (2)
1st-- camouflage, faerie fire, lesser vigor, spider hand, winged watcher, wood wose
2nd-- gust of wind, halo of sand, mass snake's swiftness, nature's favor, splinterbolt
3rd-- greater magic fang, haboob, poison, spiderskin, venomfire
4th-- bite of the wereboar, blast of sand, freedom of movement


+1 greater blurring* hide armor
periapt of wisdom +2
ring of resistance +2
* when activated, acts as blur spell for 10 minutes, can be activated any number of times a day

Dweomerlings as Characters[edit]

Dweomerling Traits[edit]

A dweomerling has the following traits.

  • -4 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Int, +4 Wis. Their unique, transformative experiences have granted dweomerlings great understanding and intuition. Their clay-like bodies make them as hardy and immutable as an earth elemental.
  • Medium size.
  • A dweomerling's base land speed is 20'. However, dweomerlings can move at this speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.
  • Low-light vision, darkvision out to 90'. Their supernaturally-imparted eyesight is keen, a recompense for spending at least a decade and a half as completely blind oozes.
  • Former Oozeman: Dweomerlings are treated as both oozes and monstrous humanoids for all purposes. They do not sleep or breathe, and still "eat" magical energy like normal mudmen (but need much less of it). They're immune to sleep effects and non-magical poison (+6 racial bonus against magical poison), and have a +6 racial bonus against paralysis, polymorph, and stunning effects. They don't gain any weapon proficiencies beyond what they get from class levels.
  • +4 racial bonus to Climb checks. They no longer have a climb speed, but are still good at it. If it uses Change Shape to turn muddy again, its racial bonus on Climb checks increases to +8 and it can choose to take 10 on them, even if rushed or threatened.
  • +1 racial bonus to grapple checks, which increases by +1 every 3 character levels (including level adjustment). They're still well-versed in their old fighting style, even if they've "moved on".
  • Magically Adept: Spellcasting comes naturally to dweomerlings. All caster levels are increased by +2 (improved by +1 every 5 char lvls [incl LA]), and the DC's for all of its spells and spell-like abilities are increased by +1 (improves by +1 every 6 char lvls [incl LA]).
They are also treated as both druids and wizards of their char lvl (incl LA) for the purpose of activating appropriate magic items (scrolls, staves, etc); this doesn't allow a dweomerling wizard to "translate" druidic scrolls as arcane spells to be added to their spellbook.
  • Stability: +6 racial to ability checks to resist bull rush & trip attacks when standing on the ground. Dweomerlings are tremendously stable on their feet, moreso than even dwarves.
  • Change Shape (Su): See Change Shape above.
  • Damage Reduction (Ex): 3/bludgeoning. Increase by 3 every six char lvls (incl LA). Add magic (making it bludgeoning & magic) at ECL 11. Replace magic with epic once a dweomerling reaches epic level (ECL 21+).
  • Dispel (Su): See Dispel above.
  • Magicsense (Ex): Works just like it does for mudmen but with the following exceptions: their racial bonus to Spellcraft (still keyed off Wis, still always a class skill and always has maximum ranks) is +1 per 3 char lvls (incl LA), the range is 90' and increases by 30' every four char lvls (incl LA) instead of with every size increase, and its Detect Magic requires concentration to glean information beyond the first round. They can communicate with Dweomerspeak out to roughly three times this area.
  • Moderate Fortification (Ex): 50% chance to ignore critical hits and sneak attacks. Their solidified bodies are more vulnerable, but they're still made of sterner stuff than fleshies.
  • Natural weapon: slam, 1d6. At ECL 11+, a dweomerling's natural weapons are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At ECL 21+, a dweomerling's natural weapons are treated as epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
  • No Maximum Age: As supernatural beings created by "accident", dweomerlings have no maximum age and thus can never die of old age; once it reaches the venerable age category it is effectively immortal and can only die of violence and the like.
  • Resist electricity 6, fire 3. These increase by 3 each at every four char lvls (incl LA).
  • Automatic Languages: Common or Undercommon, Dweomerspeak. Bonus Languages: Aquan, Common or Undercommon, Draconic, Sylvan, Terran
  • Favored Classes: Druid, Wizard
  • Level Adjustment: +2

Random Starting Ages[edit]

Adulthood: 0 years (its previous "life" as mudmen do not count for age categories)

Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +1d4+2 months

Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +1d8+4 months

Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +1d2 years

Aging Effects[edit]

Middle Age: 12 years

Old: 38 years

Venerable: 63 years

Maximum Age: N/A

Challenge Rating[edit]

Dweomerlings with levels in NPC classes have a CR equal to their class level. Dweomerlings with levels in PC classes have a CR equal to their class level +1.

The dweomerling presented here had the following ability scores before racial adjustments: Str 9, Dex 12, Con 8, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 11

The dweomerlord's stats before racial, age, and HD bonus adjustments (+2 Wis): Str 10, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 8

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • Low Level: A band of newly "born" dweomerlings are bitten by wanderlust and happen upon the players in their own travels.
  • Mid Level: In the mansion of an evil magistrate, hidden under a desk, is a glass enclosure. Trapped within is a 5th-lvl dweomerling cleric, who was put here because the magistrate was tired of the dweomerling's preaching. If freed, it will assist the players on their current mission and then return home. But it will be eternally grateful, and will assist in any way it can. The best way it knows to help is saving souls via conversion.
  • High Level: A 16th-lvl dweomerling warblade with the mage-slayer line of feats, who's always scoffed at going the lazy route of magic, plans to prove to his spell-lobbing brethren once and for all that might shall always make right.
  • Low Epic: The world's most powerful dweomerling, Inaluam, seeks to become the first god of the mudmen. It happens upon a ritual which, if it fails, may kill all the mudmen and dweomerlings in the world as it rips their souls out and hurls them into the void (which just may spawn dozens of unelementals the world over, each the size of the slain mudman), rather than tethering them to the new mud-god's own. Even if successful, will Inaluam lead them to prosperity? Or will its newfound power go to its head, turning Inaluam into a tyrant?

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