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Dwarven Steel[edit]

Dwarven steel is an extremely heavy and powerful metal.

Lore: Dwarven steel was crafted by the God of the Dwarves himself, Moradin. Because of the countless enemies underground, he created this alloy using the two strongest metals known to Dwarven kind: Mitral and Adimantine. Dwarven steel is rarely seen outside of Dwarven specialty units, and royal guards, because of it obscene cost. It's even more unusual to see it in the hands of a non-Dwarf. Its recipe is a well guarded secret that is unknown to those outside Dwarven royalty, and smithy's to Kings. Many races, besides those that have seen Dwarves fight underground, see no practical use for this equipment because of its extreme weight; however, they are willing to pay through the nose for anything made of this material because of its' quality.

Properties of Dwarven Steel:

  • The durability of this material is equal to that of both Mitral and Adimantine.
  • There are no light versions of this material.
  • This metal emits a soft yellow glow in a 10 ft radius; this is reduced to 5 ft. in total darkness. It deals 1d4 to any undead that enter this radius.

Properties of Armor:

  • To any armor check add -2. Heavy armor has a minimum strength check of 18; medium armor has a minimum check of 16.
  • If a mountain plate is made from this material, it gains a +4 bonus to AC; this becomes a +2 bonus to interlocking plates and towers.
  • Shields gain a +1 AC bonus and can be crafted in any shield except a light wooden shield. Any undead enemy that hits one of these shields is Slowed for 1d4 turns. Once per day the radius of the glow may be doubled. This deals 1d6 damage to all undead.
  • Any creature that wears Dwarven steel armor gets a -15 to speed unless they are a dwarf, then the penalty is reduced to -5. This material is immune to all forms of acid and heavy armors provide DR/-5 and medium armors provide DR/- 3.

Properties of Weapons:

  • Strength check one handed weapons 16 strength.
  • Two handed weapons have a strength check of 18, unless the user is a Dwarf. In that case any one handed weapon would be considered a two handed weapon, and damage would remain unaffected. Two handed weapons are considered two size categories larger, but retain the same damage. Two handed weapons gain a +4 damage bonus to all attacks while; one handed weapons get a +2 bonus. Once per day, weapons made of Dwarven steel gain a smite spell; however, instead of gaining a bonus based on charisma, it gains a bonus based on player vs. enemy strength.
  • This Material is immune to all forms of acid

Crafting or creation:

  • The cost to make a weapon of Dwarven steel is that of Mitral and Adimantine + 1000.
  • This metal must be crafted at a royal Dwarven forge, and, you must also be a follower of Moradin (Dwarven God) for him to bless you in making this material. You must also be of Dwarven kind. Gnomes may rarely be favored by Moradin to allow them to make this metal.
  • The raw materials required to make this are: Mitral, a gemstone, Adimantine, and at least 500 Xp.
  • The crafting of the equipment is similar to that of a normal weapon, but, if you are a dwarf it comes easier to you. If created by a dwarf character in game, while using Dwarven weapons or armor, you gain a permanent +1 damage.

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