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Dwarven Alcohol[edit]

Despite their name, dwarven magic ales are alchemical items rather than magic items. If the effects of a magic ale stack, track the duration of each of the dose's effects separately. Unlike most alcohol, the magic alcohol do not have detrimental effects like addiction. However, they are alcohols and they with that designation can come with a problem of addiction. Any time it is attempted to craft one of these brews, the player my substitute a Craft: Alchemy check with a Profession: Brewer.

Mountains Milk[edit]

Cost: 6gp

Made by the Dwarves of Aroth peaks, a bitter but filling creamy drink is usually warmed over the fire and given as dinner when picking up camp too travel. Made from the milk of goats and a special alchemical ingredient calcified from something mined in the area. This grants the drinker resistance to cold 5 by itself;If used conjunction with the spell Firebelly, It adds on five minutes to the duration of the spell, per dose of the drink. If the drinker has the Red Belly feat, for each dose the drinker gets 30 minutes on too the duration of the spell. Making Mountains Milk using this method is equivalent to eight doses.

Recipe:(30 Spirit of Wine + 1 Phosphorus + 1 Gunpowder + 1 IronFire powder(20gp))

Craft DC: 15

Process: Distillation, Calcification, Ceration

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