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Dungeon Maps[edit]

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Full Color[edit]

These are full colour maps, or maps with a lot of dark colors, suitable for importing into an online game.

A simple cottage in the woods.
A Large Pirating/Travel vessel
Ruins of Eldritch Twilight
Forgotten Halls of Eldoria
Rhennee river barge


These maps are classic pen- or pencil-on-paper maps suitable for printing out.

Subterranean River Complex (map 1)
A Mayoral Manor Hall
An Ancient Observatory
Noscali Gate
Darrin Drader's "The Cult of Tharizdun"
A bat-infested blacksmith's cellar.
Bane Temple
A palace or keep
Cяow Castle
The Beast Below quest map.
To Build A City quest map.
Atly Mansion 1-2
Atly Mansion 3-4
Atly Mansion Basement
Ruined Tower
A dungeon in the Golden Apple campaign.
Taldos Temple
Guild Hall
Dwarven Seaside Outpost
Dwarven Seaside Outpost - Kitchen
Jerock's lair
Lupan's lair
Simple ruined tower battlement
A standard maze map.
The second part of a standard maze map.
Dungeon 36
The City Of Necromancers
Basement Drug Lab
Temple of the Rising
The Scarlet House
Ruins of Ancient Redford
Bloodgate Keep
Abandoned Fortress
Down the Well
Paracelsian Posse
Royal Zoo
Old Graveyard of Redford
Guardhouse Sewers
Honey Pottery and Alchemy Chambers
Von Morr Family Butchery
Dem Bones
Gate to the Past (Gate 3)
Jotenheim Campaign (Prime Material Outpost)
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