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Dumathoins Draught[edit]

Distilled from a secret mix that purportedly includes mushrooms, fungus, and flakes of silver and gold which is then aged in specially made metal tuns with an internal stirring system. This hearty Dwarven Ale has a distinctive bitter metallic taste and a rust red coloration. Very popular in dwarven taverns, this drink is rarely served elsewhere.

While dwarves can become addicted to this brew, most are constitutionally sound enough to stave off this addiction. Some communities do ban the production and consumption of this drink due to the addictive qualities. Non-dwarves who drink Dumathoins Draught must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or take 1d4 points of Constitution damage and fall into a deep, drunken sleep.

Addiction - Dwarves only (per Book of Vile Darkness)

Rating: High, Fortitude save DC 16; Satiation: 2 days, D:1d6 Str, 1d3 Con, 1d2 Int

Type Dimensions Cost
Hand Keg (12" long x 8" circumference, wt 10 lbs, 2 gallons) 2sp
Cask 2' long x 18" circumference, wt 60 lbs, 12 gallons) 1gp
Barrel (5' long x 2' circumference, wt 150 lbs, 30 gallons) 35sp
Butt (7' long x 4' circumference, wt 500 lbs, 100 gallons) 9gp
Tun (Enormous, wt 1,250 lbs, 250 gallons) 18gp

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