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The Dualdi are the sole "civilized" race on the surface, but they comprise only a small portion of the species that can be found on the surface. They are wary and wise, but lack in many of the more common ideas of intelligence and tact. Though they are primitive and tribal at first glance, a great lurking curiosity hides within them, and their young are prone to many accidents related to this. In their "true" state, they are cautious, but generally hospitable. They hold a strong sense of pride, usually in matters involving their patron Sky-body or their tribe. In their alternate form, their personalities change greatly depending on which Sky-body is their patron. Dualdi who worship Murta Blass tend to become nearly masochistically reckless, while Dualdi who favor Ador Tors become stern and unforgiving. Likewise, Dualdi who worship Ador Riffas become stubborn and inquisitive, while Dualdi who worship Murta Ves become fiercely persistent.

Physical Description[edit]

Dualdi are shapechangers by birth, but they have no "true" form persay. In what most other races see as their true form, they resemble grey-skinned humans ranging from 5'8" to around 6'6", with long necks, slightly pointed teeth, and especially long pointed ears. As youths, their eyes are milky white, but near adulthood they shift to a pale shade of orange, violet, brown, or blue, depending on their patron Sky-body. They walk with hunched backs, giving most the impression that they are less tall than they really are. In what many others consider their "transformed" state, they take on somewhat more bestial aspects; their forearms lengthen, and their feet extend, giving them an almost quadrupedal appearance, and portions of their bodies, such as face, hands, and chest take on organic patterns matching the color of their eyes. Their lower jaw protrudes out further, giving them a primitive look, and males often have been noted to grow short tusk-like protrusions. Dualdi are equally comfortable in either state, and preference varies between every one.


The Dualdi have never had contact with any of the Subterran civilized races, and are the sole "civil" race on the surface.


The Dualdi populate nearly every region on the surface, and their preferences seem to vary based on their patron Sky-body.


Dualdi only pledge allegiance to their patron Sky-bodies, finding the concept of a god that cannot be almost constantly seen confusing and silly.


Duald usually speak only their own language, Tou, but some have been found who can speak elemental languages, usually corresponding to their Sky-body.


Dualdi names do not vary between genders, and are often long and foreign to people who do not speak Tou, as they are comprised of many individual words in the Tou language describing the particular Duald in question, and are usually no less than four or five words long. On top of that, many Duald use equally long honorifics in the same schema.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Humanoid (Shapechanger)
  • +2 Wisdom
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Duald base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Dusiki (Ex): As a move action, a Duald can transform into its alternate form, refered to as a Dusik. Apart from its change in appearance, it gets +2 Strength, -2 Charisma to its abilities, and receives the benefits of Alertness, Scent, and Fast Movement (+10).
  • Unnatural Connection: Dualdi clerics do not cast divine magic the same way non-Dualdi clerics do. Though they cast under all the same rules as a typical cleric, their magic is foreign in nature and is not recognizable as any of the typical varieties of magic. As such, Detect Magic detects a sensation corresponding to the Sky-body that they draw their power from. In addition, they cannot choose a god to worship; they must use one of their four Sky-bodies.
  • Dualdi cannot wear most armor, due to their changes in shape. Consult your DM if you have any questions about what they can wear, but any armor must be crafted at masterwork quality, and must be crafted for use by a Duald.
  • Automatic Languages: Common; Bonus Languages: Terran (Ador Tors), Ignan (Murta Blass), Aquan (Ador Riffas) and Auran (Murta Ves).
  • Favored Class: Cleric

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