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Drunken Pirate[edit]

You lived your life as a pirate, Did you choose?, Were you forced?, What age did you become one?. You sailed the seven seas as a normal, Sober pirate, Then one day, You find a bottle of alcohol, Were you peer pressured?, Did you choose to drink it?. It felt like that you could solve all of your problems when drunk!, Did it actually?, What did it do to you?, Are you happy with your choice?. And ever since that day, You've always been drunk. Did it become a bad habit or a good one?. One day, Your ship crashed, What caused it?. With all of your crew scattered across the land. Do you go find them?, Or forget about them?, Do you drink them away?. You decided to roam around as a drunk pirate, Still finding some of your stuff that is left in your satchel and you set sail to the land of where you crashed, Sharing your pirate training and culture to everyone else!, Or do you just forget about it?.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Navigators Tools, vehicles(water)

Languages: Drunken Slurs (If it counts as a language), possibly thieve's cant if DM allows

Equipment: 2 bottles of ale, A satchel filled with 6 empty ale bottles, Pirates garb. Tri fold hat, An empty wallet, A cutlass that reeks of alcohol

Feature: Drunken Sea Dog[edit]

You have trouble functioning when sober. When under the influence of alcohol you can remember certain information. After failing a Con save when drinking you may ask one minor question which the DM May answer as specifically or vaguely as they choose.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 When you get drunk, You tend to be better at everything
2 Alcohol is your first mate at this point, Helping you in every situation
3 You feel like you do better as a pirate when drunk
4 Seeing the seas reminds you of the old days...Of drinking kegs
5 You like to share your happiness with people by giving alcohol
6 You feel like your life isn't over yet, There's more that your buddies want to show you
7 Alcohol is your soul essence to you, You treat it like you treat your crew
8 You tend to party hard with your pirate buddies, And have great reputation for being drunk
d6 Ideal
1 Naval Calvary I must make my nautical buddies proud!, I will show them true order! ('the pirate way of life' spreading of values, except from a drunk example of the lifestyle)


2 Goody two shoes I have a great responsibility in protecting these sober and weak landlubbers!, Everyone deserves to drink! (not so much about freedom, but to live another day so that you can drink more)


3 Drunken Egalitarian It is everyone's responsibility to fall into the drink, And drink.

(Any Neutral)

4 Classic Pirate Sail the seven seas, Drink the mead and ale!, Change up at certain times!, Its your life, Live it! (quest to live life to the fullest, with treasure, but mostly to live it with plenty of alcohol)


5 Drunken Sailor DRUNKEN FRENZY FOR ALL!, GIVE THE ALE TO EVERYONE!, SCREW THE LANDLUBBING LAWS! (fights for freedom, mostly the freedom to drink)


6 Bad Pirate All the mead is for me and me only!, No one else can have any! (scavenging for money to buy alcohol, and opportunities to steal alcohol)


d6 Bond
1 I feel better when drinking with friends.
2 I'll keep all my bottles so I can find a brewery with my new pals.
3 I will hold all my secrets that I've been told, Even when drunk.
4 I always help my crew when I'm drunk, And I work better when I am!
5 I always love to bring a light mood to my crew, And that's why I'm here with my drinks
6 Sharing is caring, I follow by that mindset everyday, I share all of my drinks with everyone
d6 Flaw
1 I will do absolutely ANYTHING for alcohol
2 I grow violent if told I have a alcohol addiction.
3 I always forget the previous night whenever I drink, and I tend to do horrible things
4 I think I'm higher up then anyone else, because I've seen more then they have
5 I always speak in drunken slurs, I can't stop it!
6 I spill out all of my secrets when drunk, Leading to a lot of problems for my crew.

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