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Drunken Bum[edit]

Eyes glazed from drunkenness, and a gait swaggering like a swaying pillar, you walk, flask in hand, down the street, past people who think you're a degenerate and cast you looks of pity and scorn. Your only companion is your flask, filled with your favorite alcohol. The taverns know you well for your infinite thirst and willingness to shell out for more rounds. Your breath smells of alcohol, and you may have even been notorious for starting fights in the local taverns. How did you become a drunkard? Are you struggling right now to stop your habit? What drives you to drink, be it grief or pleasure? What is your purpose then for trying to stop? Do you even plan to stop?

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set

Languages: One of your choice and Drunken Slurs if it counts

Equipment: A flask, a set of dice or deck of cards, a set of well-worn common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Reason for drinking[edit]

While making a drunken bum, ask yourself why you were driven to drink. You can roll on the following table at random, or choose a result that fits your character.

d6 Reason for drinking
1 I lost a loved one and haven't been able to move on.
2 I'm unable or unwilling to perform steady honest work.
3 The last time I tried to be a hero, I lost my nerve and ran.
4 I'm permanently injured, and I literally drink to dull the pain.
5 I'm mourning the good old days that have long past.
6 I've always been a drinker, my habit simply spiraled out of control.

Feature: Alcohol Tolerance[edit]

You can drink just about anything under the table. You can drink at least three times as much as most before you begin feeling the effects.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I unconsciously make myself look as small as possible.
2 I have poor hygiene from not taking care of myself.
3 I'm not afraid to take grossly unreasonable risks in the face of danger, after all my life isn't worth that much.
4 I often mumble to myself.
5 I often tell long, rambling stories whether anyone's listening or not.
6 I have an extraordinarily foul mouth.
7 I'm smarter or meaner than I look and I know it.
8 I behave oddly when I'm drunk.
d6 Ideal
1 Repentance. This is finally my chance to stop being a screw-up and a failure. (Good)
2 Might. I've been betrayed and beaten down my whole life. Now I just want to strike back. (Evil)
3 Opportunity. I'll do anything for money. (Evil)
4 People. Letting myself down is one thing I can do, but letting my friends down is one thing I can't. (Neutral)
5 Freedom. I don't owe society nuthin'. (Chaotic)
6 Aspiration. I know I'm stuck in a rut and I have to get out. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I know a great and terrible secret, and I'll keep it to my grave.
2 There's a person I've upset who's out looking for me. I do my best to avoid them.
3 I have a soft spot for people who remind me of my old self.
4 My drinking buddies are everything to me. I'd give my life for them in a heartbeat.
5 There's a seat in a bar with my name on it.
6 I'll never forget the past.
d6 Flaw
1 I can't resist a pretty face.
2 I'm financially irresponsible.
3 I don't think there's a wrong time or place to be drunk.
4 I'm a coward at heart.
5 I envy those who are better than me.
6 I'm unreliable and can't be trusted to do a good job.

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