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The typical Druid's Robes (in the campaign that these were created for) are made of Leatherweave, and fashioned in such a way as to provide protection equivalent to that of Leather Armor (+2 AC, +6 Max Dex, no check penalty, light armor, 10% arcane spell failure chance, 15lb). Druid's Robes have a value of approximately 20 GP, though as Druids do not deal in money when they can help it, this does not come up much in the typical campaign. Novice Druids are given their robes when they reach level 1 as a Druid. Masterwork versions are made of a higher quality vine, which requires a Druid of at least 3rd level to tend for 3 weeks in order to grow properly (Masterwork Druid's Robes take about a month to have created, while the basic version requires about one week).

As stated above, the robes function similarly to Leather Armor (and use the same statistics block from the Player's Handbook) and have a value of 20 GP.

Class Restrictions: Use able by Druids and Monks only.

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