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Drow Tempered: A drow tempered item was blessed by a priestess of Lolth in the depths of the underdark. The item gives the user the ability to cast dancing lights and faerie fire once per day as a spell-like ability as a 1st level caster. If the user is drow, they get one additional use of these spell-like abilities per day instead.

If the item is basked in sunlight it takes 5 damage per round (ignoring hardness). If it is reduced to 0 hitpoints, it is utterly disintegrated.

This ability can be added to any magic item, but usually is added to magic weapons, armor, and shields. It is often used by drow to stop enemies from using magic items captured from the drow.

Special: No item creation feat is required to add this ability to an item, but it does require at least 4 ranks in Spellcraft.

Faint evocation;CL 1; Creator must be drow dancing lights and faerie fire; Market Price: 550 gp

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