Drow Hunters (3.5e Encounter)

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Encounter: Drow Hunters[edit]

  • CR 8
  • Integration Random Encounter in the underdark, part of a drow invasion.
  • Prep Time Short (5 minutes to get familiar)
  • Play Time Short to moderate, 15-30 minutes.


This group of drow are hunters of humans and elves. They will quickly launch an attack against adventuring parties and try to capture as many as they can to turn into slaves.



The female drow will cast bless on her party to give them a +1 bonus to attack rolls (and saving throws against fear effects). The captain will receive an invisibility spell, a silence spell, and protection from good (+2 ac, immune to mind effecting attacks) and will assess the gear of the enemy. He will write a note and give it to the female drow, who will then use sign language to set up a trap. When they attack their enemies, the female drow will use deathwatch to assess who needs healing and what enemies are nearly dead. She will command her unit.

Usually, the hunting group will also have longstrider cast in order to gain mobility in the battlefield. They will target elves first (including other drow) and then will focus on humans.

The female drow will use cause fear on an animal companion or familliar engaged in battle.


What the drow are carrying plus 100-600 gp (1d6x100), 3 onyx gemstones worth 150 gp (for animate dead), and a gem worth 100-300 gp (1d3x100).

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