Draining Melody (3.5e Creature Ability)

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Draining Melody (Su)[edit]

A crypt chanter constantly sings creating a magically charged allure. All creatures within 60 feet of a crypt chanter must make a DC 18 Will save or stand dazed as long as the music continues. This is a sonic, mind-affecting compulsion effect. Beginning on the round after becoming dazed creatures that failed the first saving throw must make a second saving throw (same DC) to avoid being affected as if by the enthrall spell. Enthralled victims also begin to gain 1d2 negative levels per round while the song continues as long as they remain within range. If a creature gains a number of negative levels at least equal to its Hit Dice, it dies and becomes a spawn. When a crypt chanter bestows negative levels on a victim, it gains 5 temporary hit points for each negative level bestowed. These temporary hit points last for up to 1 hour. Creatures that successfully save upon hearing a crypt chanter's music cannot be affected by that crypt chanter's music again unless the chanter ceases singing for 1 full round (releasing all those it previously held in thrall) and begins a new song. The save DC is Charisma-based.

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