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Dragonblood are a proud and noble race. They are the children of dragons though through mystic dragon arts they will never be full blooded dragons.

Physical Description[edit]

Dragonbloods average height ranges from 5'10" to 8', average weight of 250lbs to 650lbs, their skin color depends on their parentage, eye color is usually normal colors, and other such physical features resemble average humans in their human form and in their dragon form they resemble their parents.


Dragonblood are kind, and protective of most other races. wishing to follow in the footsteps of their patron deity, Bahamut, Dragonblood tend to get along with most other races.


Most often they are chaotic good or neutral.


Dragonbloods feel comfortable living in most areas.


Dragonbloods worship Bahamut.


Dragonbloods speak Common and Draconic.


Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength and Charisma in dragon form, -2 Strength and Charisma (normal stats) when in human form (+2 to all ability scores in dragon or human form after completing the Dragon trials)
  • "Humanoid (Dragon)"
  • medium size
  • Dragonblood Base Land Speed is 30 ft
  • Wild Dragon Talents Starting at second level and at every even numbered level there after Dragonblood may chose to spend 4 skill points and receive a wild dragon talent from the following list. Earth Dragon slam (make a single +4 unarmed strike, if you succeed opponent makes a fort save, if they fail they are stunned for 1 plus 1d4 rounds) , Black Dragon strike (spend a full-round-action to activate. at the beginning of your next turn the critical threat range on all your attacks is dropped by 2.) White Dragon Mist (Summon a fog the functions like the obscuring mist spell), (see draconomicon and the races of dragon books for more talents.)
  • True Dragon Talents True Dragon Talents function the same as Wild Dragon Talents replacing them once a Dragonblood passes his Dragon Trials. Upon Passing his Dragon Trails a Dragonblood gains +2 to all abilities scores and gains access to the True Dragon Talents. White Dragon Mystic Dragon Dreams (standard-action to activate. opponent makes a will save (dc equal to 15+ character level+ CHA mod) if they fail they are trapped in a illusion by the caster until they succeed the save or the caster drops the illusion.), Black Dragon Triple Dragon Slice (spend a full-round-action to activate. at the beginning of your next turn the critical multiplier on all your attacks is increased by 2 and the threat ranges are dropped by 4.), Earth Dragon Golden Dragon Dust (full round action to use, jump into the air and strike the ground. for 30ft radius and 15ft deep the ground beneath you is shattered, and becomes difficult terrain. only opponent's take the penalties.)(see draconomicon and the races of dragon books for more talents.)
  • Dragon Trials: The Dragon Trials are a sacred rite of passage for Dragonblood. it is a free action to start them and they involve four successive saves. a DC 15 FORT save, a DC 20 WILL, a DC 24 FORT, and a last DC 28 WILL. in order to pass his trials a Dragonblood must succeed at least two of the four saves or they will fail and become a wild dragon. — Dragonblood who have failed there trials can be returned to there juvenile form by means such as true resurrection, or the wish spell.
  • Breath weapon: once a day a Dragonblood may use his breath weapon, 1d8 every other level plus the Dragonblood's choice of either his STR, DEX, or CON mod into the attack roll and dmg. see draconomicon for types of breathweapon.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
years + + +

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