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Dragon Water Dragon Water is the alcoholic liquid harvested from the fire sack of fire breathing creatures like Red and Gold Dragons. Dragon Water has a sweet taste and goes down easy. This beverage is Highly Alcoholic and just as volatile. Dragon Water is very, very unstable. If the device holding it ever takes more than 2 points of damage, there is a 75% chance that it will explode. When using these rules then it is treated as a 100 PR.

Table: Dragon Water Amounts and Effects
Dragon Water Amounts and Effects
Amount of Ounces Damage Damage Type Blast Radius Sonic Wave Radius Damage Type Damage Weight Purchase Price
1oz shot glass 2d6 Fire 5 ft - - - - 50gp
2oz Vial 4d6 Fire 5 ft 10 ft. Sonic 1d6 - 100gp
3oz 6d6 Fire 10 ft 15 ft. Sonic 1d6 - 150gp
4oz 8d6 Fire 10 ft 20 ft. Sonic 2d6 - 200gp
5oz 10d6 Fire 15 ft 25 ft. Sonic 2d6 - 250gp
6oz 12d6 Fire 15 ft 30 ft. Sonic 3d6 - 300gp
7oz 14d6 Fire 20 ft 35 ft. Sonic 3d6 - 350gp
8oz 16d6 Fire 20 ft 40 ft. Sonic 4d6 - 400gp
9oz 18d6 Fire 25 ft 45 ft. Sonic 4d6 - 450gp
10oz Bottle 20d6 Fire 25 ft 50 ft. Sonic 5d6 0.5 lb 500gp
11oz 22d6 Fire 30 ft 55 ft. Sonic 5d6 0.5 lb 550gp
12oz 24d6 Fire 30 ft 60 ft. Sonic 6d6 0.5 lb 600gp
13oz 26d6 Fire 35 ft 65 ft. Sonic 6d6 0.5 lb 650gp
14oz 28d6 Fire 35 ft 70 ft. Sonic 7d6 0.5 lb 700gp
15oz 30d6 Fire 40 ft 75 ft. Sonic 7d6 0.5 lb 750gp
16oz 32d6 Fire 40 ft 80 ft. Sonic 8d6 0.5 lb 800gp
17oz 34d6 Fire 45 ft 85 ft. Sonic 8d6 0.5 lb 850gp
18oz 36d6 Fire 45 ft 90 ft. Sonic 9d6 0.5 lb 900gp
19oz 38d6 Fire 50 ft 95 ft. Sonic 9d6 0.5 lb 950gp
20oz Bottle 40d6 Fire 50 ft 100 ft. Sonic 10d6 1 lb 1000gp
  1. Due to its difficulty to acquire, Dragon Water is only found in larger cities.
  2. There is no save for those caught in the Fire Blast Radius and take the both Fire and Sonic Damage.
  3. Those caught in the Sonic Blast Radius can roll a Reflex Save DC 18 for half damage.

Harvesting Dragon Water is dangerous business that only the Skillful and brave attempt. With the use of either the Craft: Alchemy or Profession: Cook you can attempt to harvest the Dragon Water from a fire breathing creature fire sack. The larger the creature, the more Dragon Water can be harvested and the more difficult it becomes.

Table: Harvesting Dragon Water and Amounts
Size, DC and Amounts
Size of Creature DC to Harvest Amount Harvest-able Fail DC by less the -10 Fail DC by more the -10 Make the DC Surpass DC by more then 10
Small 10 2 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 1 oz Harvest 2 oz
Medium 14 5 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 2 oz Harvest 5 oz
Large 18 8 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 4 oz Harvest 8 oz
Huge 22 12 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 6 oz Harvest 12 oz
Gargantuan 26 15 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 8 oz Harvest 15 oz
Colossal 30 20 oz Material Lost Material Explodes Harvest 10 oz Harvest 20 oz

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