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Type: Dragon Sire
Environment: Any Underground or extraplanar
Organization: Always solitary*
Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 4; very young 7; young 11; juvenile 14; young adult 17; adult 20; mature adult 23; old 26; very old 29; ancient 30; wyrm 31; great wyrm 32
Treasure: Quadruple standard
Alignment: Any/ usually neutral
Advancement: Wyrmling HD; very young HD; young HD; juvenile HD; young adult HD; adult HD; mature adult HD; old HD; very old HD; ancient HD; wyrm HD; great wyrm HD
Level Adjustment:
Dragons by Age
Age Size Hit Dice (hp) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Base Attack/
Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Breath Weapon (DC) Frightful Presence DC
Wyrmling Large 8d12+20 (69) 17 9 17 8 8 10 +8/+10 +10 +9 +5 +5 4d4 (16) -
Very young Huge 13d12+38 (116) 20 9 19 10 11 10 +13/+22 +15 +13 +7 +10 6d4 (20) -
Young Huge 17d12+70 (180) 22 10 21 12 13 12 +16/+30 +18 +16 +9 +15 8d4 (22) -
Juvenile Gargantuan 21d12+110 (236) 25 10 23 14 15 14 +19/+42 +21 +19 +11 +20 10d4 (23) 20
Young adult Gargantuan 24d12+125 (269) 28 10 25 16 17 16 +22/+49 +24 +21 +12 +25 12d4 (24) 23
Adult Gargantuan 30d12+185 (365) 30 10 27 18 19 18 +25/+56 +27 +23 +13 +30 14d4 (25) 25
Mature adult Colossal 37d12+290 (512) 32 10 29 20 22 20 +28/+61 +30 +25 +13 +35 16d4 (26) 28
Old Colossal 40d12+355 (595) 33 10 30 22 25 22 +31/+65 +33 +27 +12 +40 18d4 (27) 30
Very old Colossal 43d12+410 (668) 34 10 32 24 28 24 +34/+68 +36 +29 +12 +43 20d4 (28) 31
Ancient Enormous 44d12+450 (714) 35 9 33 26 31 26 +37/+72 +39 +31 +12 +46 22d4 (29) 33
Wyrm Enourmous 45d12+480 (750) 36 9 34 28 35 28 +40/+75 +42 +32 +11 +48 24d4 (30) 34
Great wyrm Titanic 46d12+510 (786) 37 9 35 30 40 30 +43/+77 +45 +33 +10 +50 26d4 (31) 37

Dragon Sire Dragon Abilities by Age
Age Speed Initiative AC Special Abilities Caster Level SR
Wyrmling 40 ft +0 16, touch 11,
flat-footed 16
Immortality - -
Very young 40 ft +0 18, touch 10,
flat-footed 18
Poison Immunity 1st -
Young 40 ft +0 20, touch 10,
flat-footed 20
Acid Immunity 4th -
Juvenile 40 ft +0 23, touch 9,
flat-footed 23
Suggestion 7th 19
Young adult 40 ft +0 27, touch 9,
flat-footed 27
Water Breathing 12th 21
Adult 45 ft +0 30, touch 8,
flat-footed 30
Dominate Person 16th 23
Mature adult 45 ft +0 33, touch 8,
flat-footed 33
Dominate Animal 20th 25
Old 45 ft +0 36, touch 6,
flat-footed 36
Command Elements 23rd 27
Very old 50 ft +0 39, touch 6,
flat-footed 39
Timeless Hunger 24th 29
Ancient 50 ft +0 40, touch 6,
flat-footed 40
Dominate Monster 25th 30
Wyrm 50 ft +0 43, touch 6,
flat-footed 43
Timeless Sleep 26th 32
Great wyrm 55 ft +0 45, touch 4,
flat-footed 45
Terror 27th 33

Dragon Sires are dragons only in an evolutionary sense. Dragon Sires are considerably older than dragons and are believed in some worlds to be the progenitors of dragons. As such this species can only be considered a true Dragon Sire if it is at least 3 generations older than an offspring of Great Wyrm age. They are distant ancestors or dragons that have not yet evolved the many prominent features of modern dragons. They are massive beasts, often several orders of magnitude larger than an adult dragon. They have shorter, broader necks, wider heads and less prominent horns than dragons and have no wings or at least nubs not suitable for flight. Dragon Sires appear quite similar to the dragons that arose from their lineage except have more primal characteristics and are often much more massive, reaching standing heights of up to 175 feet, weighing over 350 tons and spanning over 250 feet from nose to tail tip in their Great Wyrm stage. An additional requirement of being considered a Dragon Sire is true immortality. Dragon Sires can live indefinitely unless slain, so far as any history is concerned. Most of these titans are active in their younger years (under age 1000 years) but lay dormant for centuries at a time, or even millennia in the oldest individuals rousing only to feed. When awoken a dragon sire will feed on every living thing it can find, including giants, krakens, whales and other members of the largest animals they can find before returning to their slumber. In their young years before their slumbering periods begin Dragon Sires may have some alignment and worship some gods, but lose such passions as they age and watch the rise and fall of gods and civilizations. At this age they are usually not truly evil, but will often barter with intruders, offering to spare them should they fetch a bigger meal. Dragon Sires are found lying dormant in places where no trespassers are likely to come, such as in volcanic caves or long forgotten subterranean ruins.


Dragon SIres rarely fight, but when they hunt or are faced with such annoyances as creatures like titans, the tarasque and their progeny they will almost immediately use their massive strength to subdue their opponents and usually consume them promptly. No creature is known to have physical power like Dragon Sires and as such they usually attempt to grapple their foes, a feat they almost always win. Against smaller foes they will simply slam them with their massive fists, crushing their bones or even flattening them.

Despite their tendencies toward melee combat Dragon Sires are usually quite potent spell casters and can unleash a flurry of devastating spells at a moment's notice. However they usually use spells that preserve their opponents to be eaten such as See Invisibility to find prey and Anti-Magic Field to prevent the casting of particularly troublesome spells.

Breath Weapon Dragon Sires have a somewhat weaker form of the dragon's breath weapon. Their breath weapon has all the properties of that of its lineage except d4 damage and they can use it continuously and indefinitely. However, Dragon Sires prefer only to cook their meat rather than burn it and so use their breath weapon sparingly.

Dragon SIre Attacks[edit]

Size / 1 bite / 2 claws / 1 tail slap / 1 crush / 1 tail sweep

Large / 2d6 / 1d8 / 1d8

Huge / 2d8 / 2d6 / 2d6 / 2d8

Gargantuan / 4d6 / 2d8 / 2d8 / 4d6 / 2d6

Colossal / 4d8 / 4d6 / 4d6 / 4d8 / 2d8

Enormous / 6d6 / 4d8 / 4d8 / 6d6 / 4d6

Titanic / 6d8 / 6d6 / 6d6 / 6d8 / 4d8

Face and Reach[edit]

As dragons for Large through colossal

Enormous: 80 ft. by 160 ft. / 20 ft.

Titanic: 120 ft. by 240 ft. / 25 ft.

Special Abilities[edit]

Immortality: Dragon Sires are born as truly immortal beings and will live infinitely unless killed by something.

Massive Creature: Dagon Sires of the Titanic and Enormous size categories are so large that they cannot be killed by massive damage, since 50 damage would be devastating to smaller creatures but could represent something as small as the loss of a finger to a dragon sire. Additionally they are so large and their skin is so thick that some attacks may "damage" them but won't actually harm them, such as a dagger being stabbed into them but not penetrating the skin. This effectively gives them damage reduction 5 which cannot be avoided by enchanted or special weapons.

Timeless Sleep: When a dragon sire gets old enough it enters a more or less permanent hibernation from which it only awakens every 1d4 hundred years to feed. This time increases to 2d4 hundred years when they reach the ancient age and to 3d4 hundred years at the wyrm age. If a dragon sire is awakened before their resting time is complete they count as in a Rage as a barbarian of level equal to their challenge rating until they are fed or have peace and quiet to fall asleep once more. Dragon Sires are usually awake just long enough to feed which is about a month on average.

Timeless Hunger: When a dragon sire gets to be a certain age their main focus in life becomes feeding to sustain themselves during their lengthy hibernations. A dragon sire of colossal size must eat 10,000 lbs of food while awake or will enter a rage until fed. One of titanic size must eat 25,000 lbs and one of enormous size must eat 50,000 lbs. Dragon Sires will enter a rage if they do not feed within 3 days of waking or if they do not consume the needed amount within 2 weeks.

Terror: A great wyrm dragon sire is so massive, imposing and not to mention utterly terrifying that any creature that would be affected by it's frightful presence is instead completely frozen with panic and cannot flee, take any action or defend itself. There is a 75% chance that any affected creature will obey the dragon sire's commands without question and a 30% chance that they will do the dragon sire's bidding out of fear even when at great distances from it. Any prepared spell caster that is affected has a 25% chance of forgetting each spell they have prepared when in the range o the dragon sire. Additionally barbarians affected cannot enter a rage until they successfully save against frightful presence. Any player who attempts to play an instrument takes a -10 penalty to perform checks and has 30% spell failure for music based spells, such as bard spells, because of nervously shaking fingers when affected by frightful presence. Any player who attempts to hide or move silently takes a -10 penalty while affected because they will hyperventilate loudly and become clumsy with fear.

Dragon Sire Ages[edit]

Unlike descendant dragons Dragon Sires age much more slowly, have a longer period of development and live indefinitely. The approximate ages at which a Dragon Sire reaches reach new developmental stages are as follows:

Wyrmling 0-25 years Very Young 26-50 years Young 51-150 years Juvenile 151-300 years Young Adult 301-600 years Adult 601-1000 years Mature Adult 1001-2000 years Old 2001-3500 years Very Old 3501-10,000 years Ancient 10,001-25,000 years Wyrm 25,001-100,000 years Great Wyrm 100,001-1,000,000 Epochal Wyrm 1,000,001-5,000,000 years Eternal Wyrm 5,000,001 + years

There are no changes in Dragon Sire stats or bonuses when they reach the Epochal and Eternal Wyrm stages. These simple mark the distinctions by which an individual has seen 1) a geological or evolutionary epoch and 2) a geological "period."

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