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Description and History[edit]

The Dragon Reaver is a sword crafted from the slain Great Wyrm Red Dragon Oddorayth, and imbued with it's soul. A silver sheath with emblazoned fire designs, a dragon hide handle, a hilt of 2 intertwined roaring dragons with ruby eyes, and a blade made of the largest talon of Oddorayth. Oddorayth's soul powers the sword, and he can communicate telepathically to the wielder of it. It is wielded by the head of the 7 Cardinal Sins, Pride.

Effects and Powers[edit]

The Dragon Reaver is a +5 Flaming Burst Dragon Bane Longsword with a bleeding effect that stacks.

Once per day, the sword allows the user to cast Fly on themselves as a Wizard of level 10.

The ancient blade spent a full year bathing in the fire glands of Oddorayth, and the Dragon Reaver is treated as having a x11 multiplier for Flaming Burst.

On a successful hit, a target takes 4 bleeding damage for 1d4 rounds. Constructs, Oozes, and Undead are immune to the bleed effect. If the wielder hits the target before the previous bleed ends, the bleeding damage stacks and the timer is refreshed on the bleed. On a successful critical, multiply bleeding damage for the round as well, then dispel the bleeding effect.


The dragon's soul powers the weapon, making it an intelligent magic item with an alignment of chaotic evil. It has an Intelligence of 26, a Wisdom of 27, and a Charisma of 26. 3/day Oddorayth can use Suggestion on the wielder with a Will Save of 36 needed to resist.

Special Properties[edit]

The 2 intertwined dragons can be removed, with the dragons becoming a handle, and a short hidden blade revealed. Each one is a +2 silver Keen Flaming Burst Returning Throwing Dagger.

The blade has physical properties comparable of adamantine.

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