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Double Shift
Level: 1
Components: V, S
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100ft + 10ft/level)
Target: You
Duration: 1 round/ 2 lvls

After a few arcane mutterings and some delicate hand gestures, the spell is cast, summoning forth a strand of the shadow plane, infused with the astral. The strand becomes fused with your consciousness and pops. From where you designate, the strand appears and gestates almost immediatly into an exact replica of you. It's mind linked to your own, a shared consciousness between you and your body double. You feel the double as though it were your own body, it moves as though it were your own will and you know; it is you.

When cast, the spell creates a double of you. This double is exact in every way, it has all your items, feats, skills and class features (except for spells). Any spells that were cast upon you at the time of casting are also transferred to the body double. This double acts after you on your initiative and has the exact same intent as you. There are no ways of telling which of the two of you is the real one. The double appears next to you, the affect of the spell ends if you move out of range of one another and you combine.

In truth, neither of you are the true caster. Instead, your consciousness is split between the two, hovering indefinetly within both versions. Both bodies are fully real all the items they hold are as though real items. When this spell is cast, you decide on a number of hit points from your total and a number of spell slots (or Spell Points or similar things) to transfer to your body double. The body double can use only the spell slots transferred to it and only has a number of hit points given to it.

If one of the two bodies is killed, then the remaining unused spells are transferred, along with the conscious mind, into the other body, effectively turning that body into the real body. All the items of the killed body vanish and all its items are also destroyed, as though they were mere illusions. Either body is "killed" when it is reduced to 0 or less hit points. Any damage that would take it to under -10 hit points is transferred to the other body.

For Example: The Wizard Khain is 13th level and has an intlligence of 18, meaning he has the following spell slots available to him; 4/5/5/5/5/3/2/1 and has a total of 60 hit points. He casts double shift and creates a double of himself. While casting, he chooses to give his double 10 hit points and all his first level spells. The double enters into existence with 10hp and 5 prepared 1st level spells (of whatever Khain had prepared for them at the start of the day). The double immediately takes his action after Khain as finished his turn.

Later in the battle, Khain was dealt 50 points of damage reducing him to -13hp on that body. The body immediatly vanishes and the remaining spell slots he had are transferred to his body double which still has the 10hp that it started with. Because the damage to Khain reduced him to -13 hit points, Khain's body double (now his real body) takes 3 damage, reducing his hp total to 7.

While Double Shift is active on your person, neither you nor your double can cast it again.

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