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Double Arcane Channeling [Epic][edit]

A Duskblade trained in Two Weapon Fighting can now explore his Arcane Channeling to its full potential
Prerequisite: Duskblade 20th level, BAB +21, Two Weapon Fighting, Twin Spell
Benefit: Whenever the character uses Arcane Channeling in a weapon, it´ll apply to the offhand weapon as well. Effectively, the character will be able to unleash up to two times the channeled spell in all targets she´s threatening, provided that she strikes with each of her weapons in the chosen targets. Additionally, she must spend two spell slots of the adequate spell level when using this feat, instead of just the regular spell slot. She may choose not to use this feat if she so desires. This way, Arcane Channeling will work as always.
Normal: A Duskblade can target everyone she threatens and unleash the spell onto them, but she can´t do it with both primary hand and offhand weapons.

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