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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A breached fortification
Home Plane: The Infernal Battlefield of Acheron
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Conquest, Kings, Rulership, Victory
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil
Domains: Domination, Evil, Law, Tyranny, War
Favored Weapon: Composite Longbow

Kingmaker, the King of Tyrants, He Who Conquers All

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More information...

Minos was a mortal half-hobgoblin who's martial prowess was fealt accross the planes, and who's cunning earned him dominion over an empire that ruled the material plane for a time. Even his death was rumored to have been arranged by himself to complete his divine ascention. If such was the case, it seems to haveworked. Though the stories about his rise to power differ in many reguards, but the common points are: He was magically transported directly to the 663rd layer of the Abyss, Zionyn. He made his way up through the Abyss and accross the lower planes. During this time he was caught in the middle of a battle in the blood war. In Baator he learned of Tiamat's plans to claim dominion over the material plane. When he reached Acheron he aided the armies of Hobgoblin petitioners against Orcish forces, and lived for a time among the Rust Dragons. When he returned to the material plane, he rallied an army that included humans, goblinoids, Rust Dragons and an alliance with the drow, to defeat the forces Tiamat. He rode some form of steed in battle. Once victory had been achieved, he used his army to carve out his empire. He utilized torture to maintain his power. When he became a god rather than a king, he took the title "Dom" to emphasise his unique status.


He favours the developement of a keen militant mind and combat skill. A successful coup d'├ętat by a follower also pleases him, as to strategic and tactical victories on the battlefield. Though he also expects his followers not to fight a battle they can't be sure of their strength and skill to win in the worst possible outcome anyways if at all possible. Discipline is also expected from his followers.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His worshippers are usurpers, tyrants and conquerors of all sorts. They typically enforce the worship of Dom Minos among as many of their followers as possible without risking their loyalty. The clergy of Dom Minos difines its members by military rank. Lower ranking members seek to elevate thier possition, but must remain loyal to thier highest authority figure. The church of Dom Minos is heavily militant, its temples are built within existing military structures or otherwise built to be equally defencible and always contain their own weapons cache.


Dom Minos' rise to power earned him many enemies, including Asmodeus, Obox-Ob, Tiamat, and Gruumsh. Nomog-Geaya, while once an ally, has lost a number of hobgoblins to his worship and thus is now an enemy of Dom Minos as well. Lolth may or may not be an ally, and even then, she can hardly be trusted. The rust dragons however, remain his allies. One of his first acts after solidifying his power base as deity was to attempt to woo Nike the goddess of victory. She however, rejected his advances and instead took a god named Vidarr as her husband. This enfuriated him and sparked a rivalry between the two gods. Then their are the other gods who's faith's oppossed his mortal empire and oppose his current plans and ambitions. So far however, his armies of followers on Acheron and alliance with the rust dragons combined with his own prowess in battle and military planning have held his realm and status secure against these enemies.

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