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Dog of the Military[edit]

You are or were a member of the armed forces of a powerful nation or kingdom. The military took notice of your talents and resourcefulness and appointed you to act as a free roaming agent, subject, however, to their ability to assign particular missions and projects to you. Perhaps you were a government investigator, attempting to solve crimes, root out corruption or uncover infiltrated agents of your country's enemies. Perhaps you are a field researcher looking for insights into lost technologies or magical matters that the military believes may be useful to them in the future. Whatever your role, the military provides little direct oversight, preferring to trust in your expertise...until it needs to call its dog to heel. Whether you are a current member of the military or a former member, you may be called upon to provide "special service" in the military's time of need (being recalled to duty in some cases). It may be that they want you to undertake some special project related to your independent work, or it may be that they want you to defend the nation from threats external or internal to it. Your DM will determine whether the military views such a call to service as optional or mandatory and what the consequences would be for refusing the call. Your investigations may take the form of seeking answers to multiple discrete mysteries, each unrelated to the others, or you may pursue a single question (or series of related questions) over the course of many years.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Perception and Persuasion or Intimidation

Languages: Any two of your choice

Equipment: A bottle of black ink, a quill, a journal for taking notes, a set of traveler's clothes, an indicia of office indicating your role as an independent agent of the military (which may be a letter, a badge, medal, rank insignia, or other object that can be used to confirm your position to others) and a belt pouch containing 15 gold pieces.

Feature: Mind If I Ask You A Few Questions[edit]

Your position (or former position) as a special investigator commands a certain degree of respect and can be used to open doors. Within the nation whose military you serve, if you request the opportunity to ask questions of people, including officials, reclusive wizards, powerful merchants or the haughtiest of priests, they and their retainers will generally be inclined to grant the request. The more reasonable you make the request sound, the more likely it will be granted. This does not mean that people will answer questions happily, fully or honestly, or be positively inclined towards you, merely that they or their representatives will meet with you and hear and potentially answer questions pertinent to the topic you are investigating.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

A dog of the military is largely defined by their training and drive to investigate matters of interest to them. They have spent most of their life in the self-motivated pursuit of answers to the questions that haunt them.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I tend to talk about the topics under investigation in far more detail than most care to hear.
2 I consider the military to be the bulwark of the nation. I revere its methods, its history and sing its praises.
3 My time as an investigator taught me the value of secrets, I keep them very well and have a few of my own.
4 Joining the military was just a means to an end, it's my own research that's important to me. They agreed to let me conduct it and I use my connection to the military to further my own interests, nothing more.
5 My investigations mean nothing to me. I joined the military so that I could see combat. If they want me to conduct investigations on the side, so be it.
6 When I find answers to my questions, it is a hugely gratifying feeling, but even better is when the solution to one problem opens up several more!
7 I see conspiracies everywhere and I seek to find the evidence that will expose those involved once and for all.
8 I am a 'by the book' person. Discipline and order to the key to a life well lived.
d6 Ideal
1 Investigation for its own Sake I ask questions and unravel mysteries simply because they are there and unraveling the truth is so enjoyable. (Neutral)
2 For the Greater Good My investigations will service to make people safer (Good)
3 Power Knowledge is power. The more questions I can answer, the more knowledge I will have to control those around me (Evil)
4 Order My service to the military uncovers secrets and exposes those who are corrupting the system, and thereby imposes more order on a chaotic world. (Lawful)
5 Independence I question everything and pursue my investigations only do long as they do not bore me. I often abandon investigations when more interesting questions arise.(Chaotic)
6 Dire Need My investigations have an importance that is deeply personal to me. I must find the answers if I am ever to be happy. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I often think of the loved ones I left behind when I joined the military, I would like to find them some day.
2 I joined the military following a loss at the hands of our enemies. I will get my revenge.
3 I am utterly loyal to my nation, everything else comes second.
4 I was drummed out of my military service, and now I am hunting the one responsible for my disgrace.
5 My nation's enemies seek the same answers I do, and I must be the first to find them, at all costs.
6 I have a superior officer whom I idolize and want to impress.
d6 Flaw
1 People who are wary of the military are potential spies and traitors and must be watched closely.
2 I think everyone is more or less equal, and therefore I have difficulty taking orders seriously, whether they come from nobles, military officials, the city watch or otherwise.
3 Group cohesion is the most important thing. I will do what others want me to do, even if I personally think it's wrong or counterproductive.
4 I can get so distracted by the investigation I am working on that I can ignore other issues that may be more pressing or time-sensitive.
5 I don't fit in with others who are or used to be in military or martial service, from military officials to city guardsmen. I tend to be abrasive to them, knowing that they are dogs just as I am.
6 The military taught me how to live my life and now I tell others how to live theirs. I look down on those who ignore my commands ... err, I mean "advice."

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