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Divine Servant[edit]

You were created fully formed in an outer plane, to serve a lawful good deity. This background is most suitable for an angel, but can be used for any player character race with a divine inception. As a divine servant, you have a specific reason for adventuring in the material plane away from your home. It might be a specific mission entrusted to you by a high ranking angel, or perhaps you are being punished to teach you some humility.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, Insight

Languages: Two of your choice

Equipment: A self-filling flask of soma or ambrosia, from which you (and only you) can derive sustenance; a flask of holy water; a pouch holding 10 precious gems chosen by you; 5 Platinum Pieces.

Divine Mission[edit]

Why are you here?

d6 Divine Mission
1 Hunt a succubus that worms her way into the courts of lords.
2 Find and convince a particular malevolent asura to come back to the fold of Varuna.
3 Spread joy and hope among the downtrodden and in places of misery.
4 Convert heathens and heretics to your deity's religion.
5 For your arrogance, you will learn humility.
6 A whole organization, culture, or realm has been judged as irredeemably corrupt. For the greater good you must strike it down.

Divine Protection[edit]

Clergy and Religious Folk of all sort can sense a divine presence in your life, and unless they have an alignment antithetical to your God's, will provide help, food, and shelter to you

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 You are a zealot, and refuse to acknowledge the power of other Gods
2 You consider yourself "special," and whether this is true or not, you believe you have special knowledge of your God that few others have
3 You don't feel the need to disciple to others openly, to your deity's chagrin
4 You enjoy the quarals of mortals
5 You find it funny that humanoids can get drunk
6 You pray incessantly and to the possible annoyance of your teammates
7 You sing hymns anytime you are lost in thought and even while you sleep
8 You are hyper-critical of other religious establishments and make your comments and concerns well known
d6 Ideal
1 Embodiment You strive to embody one facet of your Deity above all others (Alignment equal to that of your deity)
2 Service Your service and kindness to others is what will best serve you deity (Good)
3 Obedience Obedience and discipline is what leads to salvation (Lawful)
4 Revelation Your God's will doesn't need to control everything, and those who come to faith under their own power are stronger than those who have been lead to faith. (Chaotic)
5 Inquiry It is just as important that you understand the creatures you're helping as helping them is. (Any)
6 Oppresor You want everyone to practice your religion.You aren't afraid to use violence if that's what it takes.(Evil.)
d6 Bond
1 My god is cross with me for something I am now trying to make up.
2 My life was saved by a creature tainted with darkness (Tiefling, Drow etc.) and it made me revaluate my beliefs.
3 I am haunted by the visions of a family I could not save or one I wrongly destroyed.
4 After I got here, a church other than my deities took me in, I owe them a great deal.
d6 Flaw
1 You have no flaws, You are perfect. The dungeon master can cause you to not take an action if they feel that that actions would indicate a flaw.

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