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Destined Weapon[edit]

Create a special bond with a weapon instead of a special mount

Class: Paladin

Level: 5

Replaces: Special Mount

Benefit: Destined Weapon (sp): The paladin creates a special bond with a specific weapon of choice. As a standard action, she can imbue the weapon with sacred power. This has two effects.

First, the weapon is given a +1 enchantment bonus, plus an additional +1 enchantment bonus for every three paladin levels after the fifth level, up to a maximum of +6 on level 20. This does not stack with existing enchantment bonuses on the weapon.

Second, the weapon is embued by a number of enchantment effects (see below). When the paladin gains a special enchantment, she can pick one from the table below.

In addition, the paladin always have a +1 attack bonus on all attacks made with the special weapon. This does not stack with a Weapon Focus feat appropriate for that weapon, nor does it apply to any other weapons of a similar type. On level 13, this bonus improves to +2.

The paladin may break the bond to the weapon, for example if the weapon is destroyed or lost. In this case, the paladin may not create a bond to another weapon for thirty days or until she gains a paladin level, whichever comes first. During this thirty-day period, the paladin takes a –1 penalty on attack and weapon damage rolls. After creating a new bonded weapon, she may choose new special enchantments.

Axiomatic: The weapon deals +2d6 damage against Chaotic creatures.

Defending: As a free action once per turn, the paladin may trade enchantment bonus for AC. She chooses a number up to the current enchantment bonus of the sword. Until her next turn, the sword loses this many points of enchantment bonus and the paladin gains that much AC. She cannot trade more points than the enchantment bonus granted by this ability, even if the weapon has a higher inherent bonus.

Flaming: The weapon deals an additional +1d6 Fire damage.

Fortuitious: The paladin gains an additional attack of opportunity each round.

Holy: The weapon deals +2d6 damage against Evil creatures.

Keen: The weapon's threat range is doubled. This does not stack with the Improved Critical feat.

Merciful: The weapon deals an additional 1d6 non-lethal damage, and the paladin may at will choose to have all the damage dealt be non-lethal.

Speed: When making a full-round attack, the paladin gets another attack at full base attack bonus. This does not stack with speed effects such as Haste.

Table: Special Enchantments
Level Enchantment bonus Miscellaneous effects
5th-8th +1 Weapon Focus, First enchantment
9th-12th +2 Second enchantment
13th-16th +3 Greater Weapon Focus, Third enchantment
17th-20th +4 Fourth enchantment

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