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Displacer Steak is prepared meat created from a Displacer Beast. Like the creature it comes from, it is host to an unusual effect... the food is displaced itself. This incurs a comical 50% eating chance, and makes devouring it an interesting process. Not being able to fight back of course, you have all the time in the world to take a bite. It is said to taste like a tough steak, and while a little on the chewy side it possesses it's own strange flavor that is 'cool' to the tongue, and valued as a rare delicacy by some, and an oddity to most. As a rare cooking food, a DC 20 Craft Cooking check is required to properly prepare it to it's full flavor. Failing the check by 10 or more means the food comes out too tough to eat.

If you manage a Craft Cooking DC 40, you gain the effects of Blur for 5 minutes. If you manage a Craft Cooking DC 60, you gain the effects of Displacement for 1 minute.

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