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Disgruntled Barkeep[edit]

You once served drinks to the thirsty patrons of your small tavern in your home village. Periodically, a rat infestation would come and infect your basement, and you would have to find an exterminator to remove them. It usually ended up being a group of people who may or may not have wandered into town just that day. They would take care of the problem and would continue drinking with the meager reward you just gave them. This would be no issue, of course, if it were not for the fact that, without fail, you would hear the singers coming into your tavern a few months later, loudly singing about how that very same group of rat exterminators have saved the kingdom and gained untold wealth as a reward. Well, for whatever reason, you've decided that brewing up drinks and selling them to rowdy patrons isn't what you wanted to do with your life. Whether the allure of adventure calls to you, you find the potential for greater wealth attractive, or you've just plain got nothing better to do, you've decided to hang up your apron and don some armor in its place.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Insight

Tool Proficiencies: Brewer's Tools

Languages: Any One

Equipment: Set of common clothes, a cleaning cloth, the deed to a small tavern or inn (may be in a safe place, not necessarily on person), set of brewer's tools, 15 GP

Feature: Homeward Ties[edit]

Despite leaving your business behind, you still have a say in how it's run and operated. If you complete a mission for the business, you gain an income equal to your level times 10 in silver at the end of each month. Roll on following table, or provided by DM. Being that taverns are always full of people looking for work, whenever you need another party member or help completing a quest you'll always have easy access to contacts.

d4 Monthly Mission
1 You must find a rare ingredient for a new specialty brew
2 Pay taxes/legal fees. No income this month.
3 A contract needs to be renegotiated with a client located in the town you're working out of now.
4 No mission this month! Take your salary for the month normally.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

As an experienced brew master and server of drinks, you've met your fair share of people and heard your fair share of stories.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I like to talk at great lengths to people about the art of brewing alcohol, whether they're interested or not!
2 I have a large number of stories concerning visitors to my business and will tell them at every opportunity.
4 I can only ever be my jolly old self!
5 Is that your booze? It's mine now! (Alcoholic, to the point of theft)
6 I'm just a barkeep, I don't know what I'm doing here. (Reluctant and regretful about heroism)
7 Fight THAT!? Sorry, I'd rather not do anything too dangerous!
8 I hear that that magic-y thingamajigger could do the whosits to the whatsits. (I can only say what I want to say in Buffy Speak)
d6 Ideal
1 Kindness: I don't think anyone should be made to suffer (Good)
2 Curiosity: I wonder what strange things lie out of the tavern? (Neutral)
3 Greed: I'm certain that this adventuring gig can be helpful. TO ME! *Evil laughter ensues* (Evil)
4 Strictly Business: Well, as you can see here in my business's terms of service, I have to adventure. (Lawful)
5 Boredom: This adventuring thing really is a hobby of mine. (Neutral)
6 Family: The family business thrives with my services here. (Neutral or Good)
d8 Bond
1 My brew is my art. I am the best at my art.
2 My family back home keeps me going.
3 The only thing that matters to me is the wealth I leave behind and the story of how I got it.
4 My hometown beats your hometown!
5 Spreading good beer is a step towards spreading happiness!
6 I'm glad I left behind the bar. Now I can be my own person!
7 I have finally met a band of adventurers that respect my craft!
8 A party of adventurers robbed/burned down my bar and I want to teach these adventurers to respect NPCs!
d6 Flaw
1 I can't bring myself to do anything that could possibly negatively affect home, such as get involved into politics.
2 I am terrified by the thought of people or things hurting me, and won't put myself into danger.
3 I read all about this before setting off! I know what I'm doing! Oh, wait... No I don't!
4 I want to gain a noble title or patron for my business.
5 I can't help but complain about any tavern that I enter to its Owner.
6 I keep trying to hire people as servers for the business.

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