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You're a disappointment. A worthless waste of food and air. A disgrace. At least, that's what others will say about you. You may have always been frowned upon by society, or perhaps you were once a respected member of your community, but regardless, you are now considered a nuisance at best or a downright curse to your community at worst. You're hated by all and loved by few, if any.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: Brewer's Supplies and a Gaming Set of your choice

Equipment: An old set of commoner's clothes, a gaming set of your choice, a bottle of hard liqueur, and 1d12 copper pieces.

Origins of Disgrace[edit]

There's a reason you're hated. Either come up with an origin for yourself, work with your DM to create a backstory for your disgrace, or roll from the table below

d6 Origins of Disgrace
1 I am a drunkard and a layabout. I have done nothing but prove that I am useless.
2 I was born into a noble family, but I didn't live up to my family's expectations.
3 I am a bastard child, and nobody cares for a fatherless wretch.
4 I was accused of a terrible crime that I didn't commit. Even though no evidence came of the investigations, rumors are still spread about me.
5 I spoke out against the local government's injustices. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down...
6 I was supposedly a prophesied hero, but I failed to meet the expectations of my people.

Feature: Wretched Kinship[edit]

The undesirables of society trust you, mostly because they assume that you fear persecution as much as they do. You are able to find free 'lodging' (You sleep for free, but you are only experiencing the 'comforts' of the squalid lifestyle) with criminals and vagrants alike. However, if you are in a town, village, or city in which your name is known, you are unable to stay in any respectable establishment.

Alternate Feature: Redeemer[edit]

Though you are still hated by the masses, you have found a generous bunch that is willing to overlook your societal standing. Be it a wealthy employer or a religious sect, you are able to obtain free food and lodging when dealing with associates of your ward. (Work with your DM to decide if you wish to work with a church, be a servant, or maybe even a bodyguard to a wealthy noble.) You will still be looked down upon by commoners and nobility alike, but the organization that took you in will treat you with respect so long as you do the same.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Your reputation may or may not be a product of your personality traits...

d8 Personality Trait
1 I don't speak much since I have been stigmatized by my people.
2 I believe that others are always looking for an excuse to hate me.
3 I know people hate me, and that's fine. I hate them more.
4 I won't let some stupid stigma against me hold me back. I still have a life to live.
5 I am excessively apologetic to others, fearing that any little mistake is a potential angry mob in my future.
6 I don't let the little things bother me. There's plenty worse than judgmental stares and whispered rumors.
7 I am aggressive and abrasive, always making sure to let people know that they're no better than me.
8 I am determined to grow and rise above this adversity, taking every day in stride.
d6 Ideal
1 Refuge I just want to be left to live my life without constantly hearing others gripe. (Neutral)
2 Revenge There's a reason I'm hated, and that's because there were those who thought themselves more powerful than me. I'll prove them wrong... (Evil)
3 Redemption I am flawed, and I have done wrong before, but I can become a productive member of society once again. (Lawful)
4 Respite I don't care what it takes, I will ensure that no other faces unjust persecution like I did. (Good)
5 Ravage Society is to blame for my ill fortune. Surely, society must be made anew... (Chaotic)
6 Revitalize I know I can be more than this. I will become better, stronger, smarter. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I once had a child, but either before or after I fell to this level of depravity, they were taken from me. I wish to find them again.
2 My childhood friend stood with me even after all others turned on me. I owe them so much.
3 I used to own a business, but it was taken from me in the trials. I will have it once again.
4 I truly did wrong someone (Be it an individual, a group or a family) and I must make amends for the suffering I have caused them.
5 I was imprisoned after my trial, but a traveling businessman heard me out and paid my bail. I will repay him however I can.
6 My faith has kept me strong through my disgrace, I thank my god every day for the freedom I still have.
d6 Flaw
1 The distrust of others has led me to my own suspicions of others.
2 I hate all nobility. It's because of their damnable politicking that my life fell apart.
3 I've taken a bit too well to pariah-hood. I'm uncomfortable around law-abiding individuals.
4 I've only recently re-entered the civilized world. My hostile environment still haunts me, making me skittish and fearful.
5 High ranking officials who ask too many questions often receive thinly veiled death threats from me.
6 I'm still just as much of a disgrace as I was accused of being. I will lie, cheat and steal to my heart's content.

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