Disciple of the Elder Toad (4e Paragon Path)

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Disciple of the elder toad[edit]

Hear the song of the elder toad, and perish
—Larned, Swampel, adventures of the spirit toad

Prerequisite: Swampel

You now tap into the power of the mystic elder toad, an entity renowned for his power and wisdom. As you begin to undertake in his studies, your mutations advance continually, your spores are now dangerous weapons, your croak a force to be reckoned with, your eyes sparkling with the wisdom of the elder toad. As you delve deeper you begin to hear a distant song from the time where primal beasts roamed free and the dawn war raged, the song of the elder toad reverberates through your mind, filling you with knowledge and understanding, and of a power not so far from your slimy mushroom covered moss infested grasp.

Disciple of the Elder Toad Path Features[edit]

Watchful toad (11th Level): you can no longer be surprised and allies within 5 squares of you share this benefit
Spore filled presence (11th Level): once per encounter as a minor action, you can chose to have spores shoot out of the mushrooms on your back, enemies within three square of you starting their turn in the burst are blinded and slowed until they remove themselves from the cloud. This lasts for the rest of the encounter
Melody of foretold doom (16th Level): whenever you use a daily power with the thunder keyword, that power knocks all enemies hit prone

Spore Shot Attack 11
the mushrooms on your pack shoot out sleep inducing spores
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action ranged 10
Prerequisite: Swampel
Target: one creature
Attack: dexterity Vs. Fortitude, +wisdom modifier.
Hit: 3d8 poison damage and target is put to sleep until the end of your next turn

Hide in the swamp Utility 12
You seem to blend in with the swamp as you fade from sight
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action self
Effect: You are invisible to all creatures until you attack

Almighty Croak Attack 20
You let loose a croak of devastating power, cracking skulls and deafening those who hear it
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action close burst 5
Target: each enemy caught in burst
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Fortitude, +wisdom modifier.
Hit: 3d10 thunder damage, targets are pushed 1 square, deafened, and knocked prone until the start of your next turn
Miss: targets are deafened

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