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See the d20 Modern Core Rulebook and d20 Apocalypse for more information on the use of this skill.

Diplomacy (Cha)[edit]


This skill can also be used for bartering. To barter, roll an opposed Diplomacy skill check against the person you're bartering with. For every 5 points that you beat your target's Diplomacy skill check by, reduce the buying cost of an item by 10%, to a maximum of 50%; alternatively, you can increase the selling price by the same amount (based off the original half-price for items that you sell).

Example: Jacob, a 4th level Charismatic character, barters with a merchant. They make opposed Diplomacy skill checks and Jacob beats the merchant's check by 10. Jacob now can buy or sell goods with a 20% price advantage. As he is selling Brass Knuckles (original cost 20, sells at 10, 10 + 20% is 12), he receives 12 bottle caps in return.


To bribe a character, use the following table as a guideline for how much you must pay as a bribe. If the bribe is less than the minimum bribe required, the attempt will automatically fail. Characters may offer more than the minimum bribe required and receive a +1 on the skill check for each multiple of the bribe offered (up to +10). Note that some characters may refuse your bribe, become hostile, or report you to the authorities. This is left up to the GM to decide (though generally their attitude is lowered by one step). Bribery can be used on Bureaucrats and Law Enforcement officers to have them ignore a crime committed. The base bribery price and bribery DCs are listed below. It is left open to the GM to determine the severity of the crime, depending on the community the PCs are in.

Bribe Target TUs/Caps
Bouncer/Thug 4/40
Bureaucrat/Influential Leader 12/20
Informant 1/10
Armed Guard 8/80
Offense DC
Petty Crime or Infraction 10
Misdemeanor, Minor Infraction 15
Serious Crime, Serious Infraction 20
Major Felony, Grievous Infraction 30

Try Again?: You cannot buy and immediately sell a merchant back his wares in order to make a profit. You'll have to wait 3 + 1d10 days to sell back your wares. However, your GM has the right to restrict what you can and can't do with this skill, so as to not unbalance the game. If the first bribery offer is refused, a character may make a second attempt at twice the previous value of the bribe.

Special: A character with 5 ranks in Profession (Merchant) gains a +2 synergy bonus to Diplomacy skill checks when used to barter. If using TUs (Trade Units) rather than Bottle Caps, use the d20 Apocalypse rules for bartering (page 23).

Time: Using Diplomacy to barter on items takes a full-round action per transaction. Bribery is a full-round action.

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