Dimensions and Planes (Valshock Setting)

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Dirge shall return to his full glory soon enough. He will be reborn into this world and recreate his empire in Valshock!
Follower of Dirge, in reference to his banishment
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Valshock Campaign Setting

Dimensions and Planes----

Traveling to different dimensions and planes in Valshock is particularly easy compared to a normal D20 system game. There are multiple door ways and portals to different dimensions and planes, which is the common way of travel between the material plane and other dimensions / planes. Although you can create your own temporary portals to these places it often takes much too much magical energy to do alone yet alone do often. Luckily, Valshock, with it's highly magikal fields, creates portals at particular points in the world. Some creatures of Valshock have even harnessed the power the magikal fields that create these fields and they create and maintain gateways to different areas as a form of quick travel.

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