Devouring Flower (4e Hazard)

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As soon as a creature steps on this big flower, it closes, and the target is trapped inside. A Nature check (DC 20) is required to identify the flower and its powers. This hazard can work extremely well when it is required to go fast from one point to another, because it can slow you extremely down.

Devouring flower
Level 5 Hazard
200 XP
Detect: Perception DC 10 to notice the flower, DC 20 to notice the tiny teeth all over the leaves. Initiative: -
Immune Acid
Triggered Actions
Melee.png Attack(Acid) ♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 0 (one creature) +7 vs fortitude
Trigger: A creature enters the space of the flower or starts its turn here.
Miss: Half damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).

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