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This race has an infinite potential in the late game, use caution if you allow this race into your campaign.


Devourers have the ability to consume pretty much anything and it makes them stronger the more they consume. They prioritize themselves over others but often form bonds with creatures or people living in the world with them in order to have assistance while they increase their own power. Often Such bonds end with them consuming those that helped them once they have become less useful. They can consume objects but receive no benefits from doing so.

Physical Description[edit]

Devourers stand between 8 and 13 feet tall, weighing between 500 and 1000 pounds. They are hermaphrodites but can look either extremely masculine or feminine, the masculine having smaller breasts, no tail, short hair, larger muscles and are usually taller with different shades of red skin, the feminine have larger breasts, a smaller body, a long slim tail with a heart/arrowhead end, long hair, are less muscular, and skin in purple and/or pink shades. Their eye and hair colors compliment their skin tones but can vary immensely. They have 2 horns on their heads that have many various shapes and sizes but are never too large or small for their body. They have sharp fangs and have claws on their hands. Similar to a snake they can open their mouths to consume things that appear too large for them to eat. Their skin is unnaturally tough and are difficult to injure.


The reaction of different races is usually the same, once they see them devour something they either fear them or try to befriend them, often hoping to avoid such a fate themselves.


Often Neutral, they do not see sating their appetite as an evil act, though some turn to evil or good, whichever helps them obtain meals more frequently, example of good aligned- an executioner who eats convicts sentenced to death. Example of evil aligned- an assassin who slips poison into someones drink to put them to sleep than eats them while they are defenseless.


Originating from a realm that seeks to destroy all life, they were created to consume everything and as such feel at home anywhere they can eat to their hearts content.


Most are not religious but there are no restrictions.


Common, Infernal


Many take the names of their first victim, though some choose a name they find works for them.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • 2D10 racial hit dice. No Bonus to ability points at the start. Natural armor of +15 : Not the strongest race when they just start out but as they consume more and more they slowly increase their own power, Detailed Explanation below in abilities. They were created with a hard to destroy body to aid in their power acquisition.
  • "Magical beast (Devil)": A devil created using magic to consume worlds, it is often believed they were originally created by fusing a demon with a serpent but no one is truly certain.
  • Large: -4 hide
  • Devourer base land speed is 50 feet: Swim and climb speeds of 20 feet.
  • Heightened Senses (Ex): Devourers are naturally born with the ability to better smell, hear and even feel their prey. Tremorsense 30ft. Incredible Hearing:+10 on listen checks within 60ft. Predators Snout:+10 vs any tracking check or search check for living, dead or familiar odorous prey. Constructs are immune unless they or an item they possess has organic or odorous material familiar to the Devourer. Should they possess an item that has material organic or odorous familiar to or from the Devourer, the Devourer receives the +10 bonus.
  • Immune to poison and fire(Ex): Immune to poison and fire effects.
  • See in Darkness and Darkvision 60 (Su): Can see even any and all darkness, including magical darkness up to 60 feet.
  • Acid and cold resist 10: Ignore the first 10 damage from acid or cold.
  • Telepathy: 100 foot telepathic communication. Can be used on multiple targets at once.
  • Enhanced Swallow Whole (Ex): A Devourer may swallow a creature up to its own size category unlike the normal swallow whole ability, it can contain within itself 1 creature of its own size and double that many for each size smaller a creature is. A swallowed creature is considered to be grappled, while the devourer is not. A swallowed creature can try to cut its way free with any light slashing or piercing weapon, a creature attempting to do this must deal half of the devourers health to escape, or it can just try to escape the grapple. The Armor Class of the interior of a Devourer is 10 + 3/4 of its natural armor, with no modifiers for size or Dexterity. If the swallowed creature escapes the grapple, success puts it back in the devourers mouth, where it may be swallowed again. While in a devourers stomach the swallowed creature takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 acid damage per round, this damage increases as the devourer becomes stronger see below for more details.
  • Absorption (Ex): When a devourer consumes something there is a chance for it to absorb the creatures abilities and strengths forever increasing the devourers own abilities and strengths. When you have successfully digested a creature roll a Percent Die, a 1 causes you to take up to negative 2 on an ability score based on the creature absorbed (they must have a -2 or more in that stat for the maximum effect), 2-10 causes you to take a negative 1 on an ability score based on the type of creature you absorbed (they must have a - in that ability score), a 11-25 Suffer a minor temporary cosmetic effect (such as green skin from a goblin) any temporary cosmetic effect ends in 1d6 minutes, a 25-50 increase one ability scores by 1 based on the creature absorbed(they must have a + in that ability score), a score of 50-75 increase two ability score by 1 based on the creature absorbed (must have a + in 2 different ability scores), a 75-90 increase one ability score by up to 2 based on the creature absorbed (must have at least a +2 in that ability score for full effect), 91-95 increase two ability scores by 1 based on the creature absorbed and learn a special ability, spell like ability, or spell the creature knew, 96-99 increase an ability score by up to 2 based on the creature absorbed and learn a special ability, spell like ability, or spell the creature knew, 100 increase all ability scores the creature had a + in by the same value the creature had, learn a special ability, spell like ability, and a spell the creature knew (if they do not have one of these categories take additional of others up to 3 in total), and gain a skill point in a skill the creature had. For every 10 creatures of the same size category absorbed roll 1d12 and increase your height and weight appropriately. For every 10 creatures absorbed increase the damage of your Enhanced Swallow Whole (Ex) by 1d6 for both damage types. For every 25 creatures absorbed roll a percent die, declare high or low if you call it correctly you gain +1 natural armor. For every 50 creatures absorbed gain a 1D10 hit die. For every 100 creatures absorbed increase all ability scores and skills by 1 point. The player is responsible for keeping track of the creatures it has absorbed, all creatures count towards these absorbed creature totals regardless of the percent die roll results. All absorption bonuses stack with previous ones with no maximum.
  • Enhanced Digestion (Ex): A Devourer can Fully Digest and absorb a creature after 1d20 minutes and will feel hungry but suffer no effects until another meal is being eaten. Sleeping causes digestion to take half as long.
  • Poisonous Stomach Acid (Ex): A creature inside a Devourers Stomach must make a Fortitude save DC 20 + Highest ability Modifier of the devourer or be poisoned by the Devourers Stomach acid, creatures immune to poison or acid are immune to this effect. The Stomach Acid Poison puts a target to sleep, every time they take damage they get a will save DC 30 + Lowest ability modifier of the devourer to wake up, Success removes the poison from the creature and gives 1d2 rounds of immunity to its effects.
  • Poisonous Fangs (Sp): A devourer can bite using its fangs for 2d6 piercing damage, upon a successful bite the target gets a Fortitude save DC 15 + Highest Modifier of the devourer. The Poison paralyzes the creature for 4d4 rounds. Creatures immune to poison are immune to this effect.
  • Poisonous Claws (Sp): A devourer can attack using its Claws for 1d8 piercing/slashing damage per claw, upon a successful attack the target gets a Fortitude save DC 15 + Highest Modifier of the devourer. The Poison causes the creature to sleep for 1d6 rounds. Creatures immune to poison are immune to this effect.
  • Regeneration 10 (Ex): Heals 10 hit points per round, electric damage or holy damage negates this ability for a round. Can regenerate limbs.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Infernal. Bonus Languages: Abyssal.
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Devourer Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
200 years +3d20 +5d20 +10d20

Table: Devourer Random Height and Weight
Body Type Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Masculine 11' 0" +2d12 700 lb. × (3 Percent Die) lb.
Feminine 8' 0" +3d12 500 lb. × (2 Percent Die) lb.

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