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Devoted Disciple [Divine]

You are so devoted to your religion that you are granted powers like a cleric.
Prerequisite: Wis or Cha 13, Must worship a deity and have an alignment that identically matches the deity's alignment.
Benefit: Select one of your deity's domains. You gain an aura (see Detect Evil) as a cleric with a level equal to your character level. In addition, once per day as a swift action you can gain the granted powers of this domain as if you were a cleric with a level equal to your character level (up to a maximum of 4th level). This effect lasts for up to 1 hour.
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. It can be used to select a new domain each time or it can be stacked. Each time it is stacked, your maximum effective cleric level with the chosen domain's granted power increases by 4. However, no matter how many times you take this feat, your current effective cleric level can never exceed your actual character level (HD). Note, if you take this feat multiple times, it does not grant you additional uses per day but only an increase in your effective cleric level. For example, if the granted power normally allowed you to turn undead 3 times per day, activating this feat allows you to use those abilities for 1 hour. If you don't use them during that hour, they are wasted. If you take this feat twice, that gives you two instances that you can activate this feat in the day, but you are still limited to only 3 times per day (unless you gain additional uses based on an ability modifier or cleric level, in which case those determine your uses per day). This additional limitation is merely the result of acquiring these powers through this feat instead of through the cleric class.

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