Destructive Gift (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Seed:Destructive Gift
probably enchantment
Spellcraft DC:
Components: none
Casting time: full round action
Range: touch
Target, Effect, or Area: usually unwilling target.
Duration: permanent
Saving Throw: Will
Spell Resistance: Yes

The subject, upon failing its save, has one of its stats altered to match yours. You may force it to gain a number of negative levels, as long as they are given a number of levels in whatever class you belong to equal to the amount they lose. You may delete their feats, and replace them with your own. You may even swap their ability score in a certain respect for your own. In this way, you are able to give your oponent the same weaknesses you have, but none of the strengths.

For example, Mumford the Mage is facing the paladin of Tyranny, Mordred Villianarious. Mordred has incredible Blackguard powers via a Charisma of 88, but Mumford only has a Charisma of 6. By casting this spell, Mumford reduces Mordred's Charisma to 6 as well, crippling his special class features. Or again, suppose he faces a powerful CE orc barbarian at a level equal to his own, with an intelligence of 10. By casting this, Mumford turns the barbarian into a wizard of Mumford's level. Since the barbarian's intelligence is so freakishly low, he finds that he can cast nothing but cantrips, and the fantastic abilities of the wizard are utterly useless.

Finally, suppose A druid faces a fighter with full plate armor who runs through the woods killing small animals for sport. The druid cannot fight the fighter outright, since he has taken Vow of Nonviolence. Instead, he casts this spell. He can therefore give the fighter the same anathema to metal armor and the same reverence for nature that he normally has. He could even take it one step further, and force the fighter to take a vow of peace! Although this last use is fairly questionable, it comes in handy for PCs who prefer to convert than to kill. Warning: you cannot transfer alignments. If the fighter destroyed the forest because of psychological trauma, this can cure him. If he destroys because he is chaotic evil, he will still try to destroy things to the fullest extent that he is able with this new psychological burden. (For this application, use the compel seed instead of imbue.)

As you can see, the nature of the spell varies a good deal, and so the spellcraft DC is hard to calculate. For purposes of development, the PC is considered to learn all uses of the spell immediately after he passes a DC of 10 higher than what he normally would for development, counting the highest of the spell's uses.

Archmages enjoy making this one a spell-like ability.

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