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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.
Destroy Homebrew Material
Necromancy [Destruction]
Spellcraft DC: 25
Components: 10,000 gp of gems
Casting time: 10 days, 11 Minutes
Range: Infinite
Targets, Effect, or Area: All of the annoying homebrew material
Duration: FOREVER
Saving Throw: NONE!
Spell Resistance: NO!
To Develop: Destroy Seed (+29), ALL of one type of annoying Homebrew (ad-hoc +30), only homebrew may be affected (ad-hoc-20), No save (ad-hoc+20), +10 Minutes of casting time (-10), +10 days casting time (-20) Spend 4000 XP (-4), huge expenses (-10), 10d6 backlash (-10), Permanent (x5)

Upon completion of this ritual, the caster pulverizes all of a single homebrew material that he is annoyed by. This spell is immune to itself, as is non-homebrew material. NOTHING, not even the efforts of every being ever to exist can replicate the destroyed material or reverse the effect. NO LOOPHOLES! This spell was made by the mage Akragar upon hearing of cheesy NPC's who existed in the Elven lands. They have been erased from existence. P.S. This IS a joke. It is something one of my players suggested creating in a previous campaign, as he was annoyed by the fact that I invented a troll that was not vulnerable to fire. (this is an edit for the purpose of informing the op. if you use the monster of legend template found in monster manual one or monster manual 2 it makes it to where you can choose two types of energy to become immune to along with several other effects or you could use items or spells to create a troll that is not vulnerable to fire meaning that in your campaign where a troll had immunity to fire would be easily doable with nothing but SRD stuff Material Component: 10,000 gp worth of gems

XP Cost: 4,000

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