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Design Philosophy[edit]

800 AD is a virtual sourcebook. It leverages information freely available on Wikipedia and other web sites, codifies topics, and presents them for use. Game groups may play a strictly historical game, as the time line is described in history, or a "Hollywoodized" game, where the most interesting events from 770—840 AD play out and legendary figures appear.

This sourcebook strives to be non-game specific. As such, it will focus more on flavor and material, and less on stats.

Given the size of this project, this sourcebook can only be called a "work in progress." The sheer depth of source material, both fictional and non-fictional, is endless.

This sourcebook plagiarizes works in the public domain or under the GNU license. Most uses of GNU material are edited versions with links to the original articles. Links are given as the cited articles contain far more depth. The primary source is Wikipedia. This encyclopedia hosts a world of information on the middle ages to life. It is my belief that this type of copying and reassembling is what is intended by the GNU license.

If you want to use 800 CE as the basis for your own project, in whole or in part, please do. There's no need to ask us permission. The only limits to its use are those listed in the GNU Free Doc license.

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