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April Fools!
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TREMBLE, world! The DAY OF THE DENIZENS is at hand!
Cracked Jack


Denizens spend their days doing whatever they're told (for the most part). If under no orders they try to be helpful where they think they can, or attempt suicide out of boredom.

Physical Description[edit]

Denizens are a subrace of humans. they tend to be average size and build and really dont stand out amongst the human race. but watch out for thier craftiness and cunning.





The Denizens hail from the dark European country Pipingrad which no longer exists, due to the fact that they blew it up. They're fine in any environment, but if given a choice they will build their home underground.


None, Denizens just don't seem to think about that kind of thing.


Denizens are mute, they can only write to communicate.


Denizens don't have names unless given one by someone of another race.

Racial Traits[edit]

Table: Denizen Size and Scale[edit]
Attack and
AC Modifier
Special Attacks
Height Weight2 Space3 Natural Reach3
Tall Long
Diminutive +4 −10 +12 11 in.–13 ft. 0.9 lb.–1.1 lb. 3in. 1ft. 1ft.
  1. This modifier applies to the bull rush, grapple, overrun, and trip special attacks.
  2. Denizens are essentially living shadows (kind of), so they weigh very little.
  3. Denizens are 3 inches wide and their arms are hidden within their bodies. They can extend and stretch up to 16 inches away, hence the long reach.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Denizen Random Starting Ages
Adulthood1 Simple Moderate Complex
Instantaneous + (1d2) −1 +1d2

+ 1d3

  1. Denizens are just normal shadows until adulthood, then they become Denizens, what causes this is unknown.

Denizens don't have aging effects, as they do not age.

Table: Denizen Random Height and Weight
Gender1 Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 10" +1d3 0.8 lb. + ((1d3) /10) lb.
Female 10" +1d3 0.8 lb. + ((1d3) /10) lb.
  1. There are no discernible physical or mental differences between male and female Denizens.

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