Demonic Malice (4e Power)

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Demonic Malice Tsuku-Master Utility 22
Little do your enemies know that as they attack you, you have the demonic powers of the oni to use as a counterattack, but it comes with a price.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Personal
Prerequisite: You must be an Oni-Obake type Tsuku-Master, and you must also be bloodied.
Effect: You get a +4 bonus on attack rolls against enemies who are within 5 squares of you, and you deal an extra 1d6 + your Intelligence modifier psychic damage whenever you hit an enemy within 5 squares of you with an attack. However, you also gain vulnerability 10 to all damage you take and get a -4 penalty to all of your defenses (including AC) while this power is in effect. The effect immediately ends if you get healed more than your bloodied value.
Sustain Minor: You can sustain this effect until the end of the encounter or for five minutes. You can end this effect as a free action, but only during your turn.

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