Demiplane Creation (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Demiplane Creation
Conjuration (Creation)
Spellcraft DC: 40
Components: V, S, XP, RT
Casting time: 2 rounds
Range: Inside the Astral plane, but outside any other plane
Target: Demiplane created
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 315,000 gp; 7 days; 12,600 XP. Seed: Conjure (to make plane) (DC 21). Factors: Increase range to planar (ad hoc +50 DC), Create empty plane (ad hoc +100 DC), Permanent (x5 DC), 2 round casting time (+8 DC), 20,000 XP cost (-200 DC), Backlash 10d6 (-10 DC), Ritual (-513 DC)

This spell creates an empty Demiplane for the caster. There can be only one Demiplane for any one caster. This Demiplane has any standard plane properties the caster wishes (i.e. fire dominant, strongly good-aligned), is finite or self-contained (never infinite), is 1 cubic mile (or any configuration with the same cubic feet), is divinely morphic (for the caster and any lesser (or higher) deity), and must be empty to be dispelled. This spell backlashes 10d6 damage to the caster and burns 20,000 XP (both done once).

The divinely morphic trait (for the caster) of the Demiplane cannot be used to create expensive materials, precious metals, gems, magical items, ect.

Also, upon creation the caster decides what type of metal and shape the forked rod needs to be for Plane Shift.

XP Cost: 20,000

Ritual spells required: 2 9th-level spells, 2 7th-level spells, 10 6th-level spells, 10 5th-level spells, 15 4th-level spells, 16 3rd-level spells, 16 2nd-level spells, and 15 1st-level spells.

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