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Playing a Demi-Vampire has its perks as a player. Good ability bonuses, and some cool powers, but really its entirely meant for role-playing. A campaign centered around racism, fear, and subterfuge is the best place for a Demi-Vamp, so the player can get into the mind of his or her's character, because A Demi-Vampire's mind is very much like the outside world. Even the LG ones are filled with hate, and lust, and fear.

A Demi-Vamp is very rarely a creation of love, but almost always lust. Most Demi-Vampires inherit their condition from their fathers, a relationship that is usually filled with distrust and hatred, assuming the Vampire lets the child live. On top of this, the conflicting nature of a Demi-Vampire can create a schism in the very nature of the character. At one end the human side. At the other, the vampire.

How will he chose?


Demi-Vampires, or "half vamps" as common slang refers tham as, are the spawn of a Vampire and a Human. Because of this,a Demi-Vampire's personality is a reflective of who, or what, they were raised by. If he was raised by Vampires, he will be an Evil, bloodsucking monster. If he was raised by the human, he would take on the views and opinions of the Human.

Despite which parent they were raised by, all Demi-Vamps are naturally seductive, even if they aren't trying to be. This control over people tends to instill a Demi-Vamp with a vein of arrogance, though just like any being, there are exceptions.

Physical Description[edit]

Demi-Vamps are tall, slender, and pale. Because of their super-hyper metabolism, their bodies stay in near perfect shape always. Their eye color depends on if they drink blood or not. Red eyes show blood has been drunk in the past 24 hours. If not, they will be a pale purple.


Demi-Vamps relationship with other peoples are always strained. Even the LG Demi-Vampire Paladin will have trouble earning people's trust, simply because of what they are.

Sexually, Demi-vamps tend to lean more towards the human side. Upon mating with a vampire, nothing happens. No child can be born. Upon mating with another Demi-vamp, another Demi-vamp is born, and upon mating with a human, a human is born.


Simply because of their nature, Demi-Vamps tend towards Chaos and Evil, and almost never are good.


Demi-Vampires have no lands of their own, though a few neighborhoods in some very large cities are known to house small communities of them.


Demi-Vampires would worship the god/goddess of whomever raised him, but they typically tend to not follow any set religion.


Demi-Vamps speak common, they also would speak any languages they pick up on their travels.


Demi-Vamps are givin names based upon who they were raised.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Constitution, +4 Charisma: Demi-Vamps are tough and seductive
  • Demi-Vamps are medium humanoids. No size related bonuses.
  • Demi-Vamps base land speed is 40 feet: Demi-Vampires are faster than normal humans.
  • Sun Weakness(Ex): Demi-Vamps take a -5 penalty on all rolls in sunlight.
  • Darkvision 60 feet.
  • Blood Drain (Ex): Demi-Vamps can drink blood from a victim. as long as they are rendered helpless or pinned by a grapple, gaining 2d6 + constitution modifier in temporary hitpoints. A Demi-Vamp cannot create spawns this way.
  • Natural Armor bonus: +2
  • Vampiric Heritage (Su): A Demi-Vamp, simply because of its heritage, ages in a strange way. A Demi-Vamp reaches physical and sexual maturity at around 32 years of age. At that point, it stops growing and is treated as immortal, so he can only be killed by battle or misfortune.
  • Fast healing 2.
  • No really, I'm fine (Su): Upon reaching adulthood, a Demi-Vamp is immune to poison, and gains a +4 bonus on all fortitude saving throws against disease.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any, except secret ones.
  • Favored Class: Any.
  • Level Adjustment: +3.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
32 years +6 years +12 years +18 years

Table: Demi-Vamp Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 5" +2d6 inches 110 lb. × 1d4/2 lb.
Female 5' 2" +2d6 inches 95 lb. × 1d4/2 lb.

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