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The gods are the single most important entities of the modern world, especially according to the clerics and paladins of Teregia. Even for other people, religion remains important, for the gods are powerful and ever watchful in the affairs of mortals. A few other lesser dieties exist, but these are the most important and well known.

The Gods[edit]

Name Home Plane Domains Portfolio About
Aatark Erebus Trickery, War Survival, war, strength, power To say that Aatark is a divisive god, is to put it very mildly. He preaches that the goal of life is to be the strongest, be it of body, mind, soul, and/or wealth, and that it is right of the strong to take whatever they desire from the weak. Anyone who allows themselves to be defeated, outsmarted, bought, or betrayed, deserves whatever horrible thing happens to them. Unsurprisingly, many consider him to be the most malevolent and evil of all the gods, but the faithful believe they just follow the natural order of things.

The champion of Aatark, was a human fighter named Lena The Whip. Capable and merciless, she espaused all the qualitites that Aatark seeks in his followers.
Ceas The Elemental Chaos Arcane, Tempest Creation, destruction, power, elements The wildest of all the gods, she brings forth elemental power into the material world, to shape and change it to her will. Her followers tend to build great monuments, only to destroy them, just to see how well they can withstand a magical assault. When not doing that, they research new ways to built studier monuments, so they can test even more destructive spells on them. Speculated to be a creative aspect of Mysani.

None truly matched Ceas ideals, but never the less, she choose a lizardfolk warlock named Ahmayel The Enigma as her champion. No one trusted Ahmayel, even his own people, but none dared to stand before his power. To this day, scholars an priests still debate why Ceas choose who she did, but never in front of her clergy.
Edda The Fields of Glory War Combat, strength, bloodsports, mead, meat A lover of combat for its own sake, as well as enjoying the better things in life, Edda is popular among warriors and gladiators around the world. Her temples often seem more like drinking halls and combat arenas, than most other temples, but that’s just because such places help the faithful partake in their duties locally.

Edda choose as her champion, the human ranger Ketilríthr. His noble ways of honor, but wild and free spirit, spoke to Edda on a spiritual level, and she would have no other mortal before him.
Eros Elysium Trickery Parties, wine, sex, hedonism, beauty The literal party god, loved by the faithful, toasted in taverns, shunned by prudes, and hated by the responsible. Doesn’t so much have temples, as he has traveling party wagons, spreading his philosophy wherever they are welcome, and occasionally where they are not.

Eros choose for his champion, the human rogue Atifeh. She was cunning and smart, and yet not abstinent from the better things in life, just as Eros likes it.
Galfang Kruos Trickery Control, pacts, bargains, slavery, fruit Galfang is the master of the deal, the lord of negotiation, and the king of domination. Galfang always gets his will, and loves striking deals with man and god alike, just to see if he can get the upper hand. Mortals pray for a hint of his cunning, before they need to negotiate a deal or the like, but such divine contracts always carry a hidden cost. He also really, really likes fruit, and his temples usually have fruit trees in them.

Galfang was the first among the gods to contact the mortals, and he knew them better than most. Long before the other gods searched for champions of their own, galfang had studied the mortals closely, and chosen the greatest of them all, the elven sorcerer Melwyniac. He was not the most consistent with his patron god's ideology, but no other mortal were even close to matching his power.
Helos Elysium Life, Light Sunlight, healing, charity, agriculture Everyone loves this guy, because of all the healing, sunlight and crops he brings people. Some say he’s just pandering to the commoners for easy prayers, but none dare tell him to his face.

Tarmara The Druid was the kindest and gentelest of all the elves, and helos saw a great and noble spirit in her, naming her his champion.
Io The Mindscape Arcane, Knowledge Magic, harmony The undisputed goddess of magic, her temples are few, but her monasteries numerous. She stresses absolute strictness in learning, and considers skill more important than raw power.

She choose a champion in the gnome Archibald Rumblebottom, who despite his isolationist ways, proved a diligent and capable wizard.
Jens The Faelands Life, Nature Nature, the circle of liiiiife The old man of the forest, master of nature, and life itself. His druidic followers will aid those they must, but leave the rest to die, as nature intends. Also, if you defile nature, you might end up a human sacrifice. Don’t mess with nature, kids.

Jens never choose a champion, refusing to mettle in the affairs of the world below. Some say however, that he did indeed took part in the war, acting through subtler means, but no one really knows the truth.
Lady Afrael The Faelands Death Plots, schemes, assassins The mysterious consort to Lord Elador, is as beautiful as she is insidious. She keeps and eye on every creature in the faelands, and oftens knows of plots before the come to be. Many a scheming elf and otherwise call her their patron, for she gives a boon of power to all who prove themselves useful to her.

Lady afrael enjoys bloodsports, and the war against the titans was the greatest match one could hope for. No way she would ruin the surprise by rigging it in her favor.
Lord Elador The Faelands Nature, Trickery Fae, nobility, elves Supreme High King of the Faelands Bardam III Elador, to use his proper title, is the god-king of the fae, and his reign over his subjects is absolute. Because of his divine status, he considers mingling with the rest of the semi-mortal lords of the fae, to be beneath him, preferring to play the games of divinity instead. Presumably caring, but nevertheless supremely arrogant, he is the patron god of elves in Teregia, who all have different interpretations of his philosophies.

Lord Elador found the prospect of the mortals rebellig against the titans most amusing. He watched it unfold with his wife, to find joy in the gory spectacle.
Lysander Erebus Knowledge Money, trade, wealth It has been said, that if you could refine boredom into it’s purest form, you still couldn't get something as boring as Lysander. A god as interesting as listening in on a tax accountant meeting, and with about the same skills as one, only more godly. Capitalists love him though, as he knows his way around money.

While hardly as boring as his patron god, Erding The Bard, was a lorekeeper first and foremost, and was found the be the ideal candidate for a champion.
Mysani The Elemental Chaos Tempest Power, energy, natural disasters That storm on the horizon? You know that one storm you see coming miles away, that stirs up city destroying waves, and zaps things to a burning crisp with lightning bolts? Mysani made that one just because she could; the carnage itself is reason enough. She behaves like that, all the time. Speculated to be a malign aspect of Ceas.

Khoukr The Brute was a particular strong and dimwitted orc cheiftain, who although he lacked mental faculties, was as strong as a giant. As Mysani's champion, he destroyed man of both titans and mortals, much to her malefic glee.
Phyx The Mindscape Knowledge Philosophy, knowledge, magic, riddles No one knows just how much Phyx is capable off, for she never reveals the true extend of her power. She seeks to know all that is knowable, seemingly purely for the sake of it, and she cares little for morals or ideals, finding them tiresome distractions from the true goal of existence. About as neutral as you can get.

With her focus on introspection and calm, and with Yondai the Monk living up to her principles quite well, he accepted becoming her champion.
Tarkus The Fields of Glory War Honor, duels, zeal Lawful good is a pretty cool guy, he does honorable combat all day, and doesn’t afraid of demons.

Withnoth The Saint liked killing demons, so Tarkus made him better at it. Withnoth liked being a champion.
Torlan Kruos Light Justice, law, order, light, darkness Torlan is a lawful neutral deity with emphasis on LAWFUL. Torlan is the self-proclaimed judge of both the living and the dead, and will seek out and bring judgement (read: a fiery demise), to those he deem in need of it.

Dwarves are known for their honor, and with Alrun The Holy being the most honorable of all, Tarkus choose him as his champion.

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