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Deep Slumber
Conjuration (Healing)
Effective Level: Using "3.5e Effective Level" as property chain is not permitted during the annotation process.
Skill Check: One Knowledge (Arcana), one Heal, five perform (Sing), all of which have a dc of 27
Failure: On two successive misses, Delusion
Casting Time: Minimum 7 minutes
Range: Personal
Duration: 7 days
Saving Throw: Will negates (Harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes

Restore cursed lands, plunges a wide area into a magical, restorative slumber by invoking the Night and Isa, the rune of Winter and Stagnation.

"Ô nuit ! toi qui fait naître les songes

Calme le malheureux qui souffre en son réduit

Sois compatissante pour lui

Prolonge son sommeil, prend pitié de sa peine

Dissipe la douleur, nuit limpide et sereine."

"Deep Slumber" is an incantation produced by singing "La Nuit" with a choir of 100 persons, and one solist, the main caster. Created by the famous bard Jean-Philippe Rameau, the song possesses mysterious powers. After completion, every living creature in the area that fails (or surrenders) its will save is knocked in a deep, restorative slumber. If it was doing something potentially dangerous (such as fighting, manipulating fire or such), it gets compeled to end its activities as soon as possible, and then enters the sleep phase. It is instantly healed of any affliction, disease or condition, and gains fast healing 2. However, it does not wake up before the end of the incantation. During this week, the victims needs not to eat or drink. Upon waking up, the subjects get +2 morale bonus on every attack, damage rolls as well as on every ability or skill check. This bonus lasts for the whole day.

In the area of the spell, the sun doesn't rise for one week ; The earth itself enters in this magical torpor. It replendishes its mana, heals and after its sleep, becomes strengthened and fertile. This incantation can even repair the damages of centuries of heavy farming, arcane pollution or even worst.

Creatures that don't need to sleep (such as elves) are still affected by this spell, however they get a +10 bonus on their will to resist. If they fail (or chose to be affected by the spell), they enter in a restorative trance that last for half as long as the spell. They gain the full benefits of the spell.

The spell must be cast on waxing moon, at night. The caster must also reunite a choir of 100 persons to cast the incantation with him. After the spell completion, the caster is exhausted and reduced to -1 hp, but may surrender its will save and be automatically stabilized by the deep slumber as well.

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