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These are two alignments that a select few characters may have. Some characters may substitute the name of another alignment that does not fit (but comes closer than any other alignment) but is not truly that alignment.

Debatable Neutral

An debatable neutral creature is partly unsure what they want to do. They will sometimes do something to help people, but nothing major without a reward (may buy food for a beggar or step in when a robbery occurs if they have an incredible advantage, such as level 12 vs CR 1/2) and vice versa (may steal some money, but won't murder over a minor topic). They are, in a way, a less extreme chaotic neutral. Some commoners may fit into debatable Neutral.

Debatable Unknown

A debatable unknown creature has little motive for going on with life. They don't do much, not acting for their nor anyone's sake. They don't have much opinion on a well ordered society nor a lack of one. In very, very dark campaigns characters that may go on to take their own life will first become debatable Unknown. It is very rare that any creature begins as debatable unknown.

If any spell, effect, etc. relies on an alignment, they are treated as neutral (for instance, if a spell has a special effect to an alignment and that alignment is neutral, they are affected as if they were neutral)

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