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Deathblade: This cursed blade was created by Nerull millenia ago in the Far Realm to subjugate the multiverse and take control. He nearly did so two thousand years ago during the Deathly Wars when his emissary Rotarp Graem wielded in a horrific battle in Hades as he hedged out a massive army composed mainly of celestial paladins. Prator destroyed Rotarp Graem and ascended to Nerull's realm to kill him. Prator almost succeeded, but he quickly realized that he would disbalance the harmony of the multiverse and cause unimaginable entropy as the universe filled with inmortal beings. He stopped at this revelation and Nerull undid his spirit, crushing it to a thousand pieces which scattered about Elysium due to an oversight of Nerull's. The bits were reformed by Heironeous, raising Prator to deityhood.

This +5 unholy vorpal wounding deathmetal greatsword allows the wielder to utilize power word kill once per day, along with the capability to contact Nerull once per year in order to have him give you a dark blessing, which transforms you into an unturnable vampire with a +5 death metal breastplate and the blade with all ability scores at 25, but only when they are used for evil. If you use these capabilities for good, you instantly are annihilated, to wander the Far Realm for eternity at 1 square per round and with all physical ability scores at 1. The bonuses last for a week.
Strong necromancy and enchantment; CL 19; Weight: 10 lb.

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