Day of the Centipede (4e Power)

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Day of the Centipede Tsuku-Master Attack 15
With just a glaring look at your enemies, you summon from the ground a legendary omukade (giant centipede monster), its venom soaked forcipules ready to strike at your enemies like grotesque daggers.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Implement, Poison
Standard Action Close blast 5
Target: Each enemy in blast
Attack: Charisma Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 4d6 + Charisma modifier poison damage, and the target is weakened.
Miss: Half damage.
Oni-Obake: Any creatures you score a critical hit against with this attack also take an extra 2d6 poison damage. Noppera-Obake:If you happen to score a critical hit against an enemy with this attack, then you gain a +2 bonus to all of your defenses until the end of your next turn (this effect does not stack.)

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