Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind (3.5e Deity)

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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a golden disc held up by crowd of worshipers
Home Plane: pocket dimension "The golden halls of eternity."
Alignment: CN, TN
Portfolio: illusions,magic,human kind,lackadaisicality,wealth and glory gained at the expense of others
Clergy Alignments: CN, TN
Domains: illusion, magic, luck, trickery, war
Favored Weapon: Glaive
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Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind is depicted as a average male human with medium wavy brown hair.he wears resplendent purple robes with ornate peaces of plate mail. he is always depicted relaxing or avoiding labor


Worshipers of Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind actively avoid doing "more then there share" of work in all circumstances. worshipers can often be found traveling with large groups of adventurers, being sure to stay in the middle away form possible dangers. there not cowards though and will rise to challenges if forced to but to do so when you can have some one else do it for you is against the doctrine.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind. are always decked out in gold statues of beautiful women holding bowls, which in turn are always filled with fruit and bread which the worshipers and clergy eat from through out the day.the clergy themselves are forbidden to except any type of offering or compensation for healing. only the high priest of the temple may accept offerings or payment for to the temple for healing, as such usually only the high priest is available to do it. they will however not do any type of work or task that requires more then sitting with out compensation.

Clergy are casters that are one or more steps out of alignment with Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind can not call on his magic.


Dave, Glorious Golden Emperor of Mankind is the golden god of all humankind. he does not belong to a pantheon

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