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Darkwing Extract[edit]

The poison is a recipe held mostly classified, with only very few people who know the recipe. The poison is a pinkish colour, but in a different light it will be a blood-red colour. The only telltale sign of that something is poisoned is that when the object is ingested, that object will taste excessively sweet, thus, it is used very carefully to hide this fact. A lethal amount is very small, only five small drops.

Type: Ingestion, Injury

Initial Damage: As soon as the poison is introduced to the blood stream, which depends on the way the poison came into the body: Ingestion might take 30 seconds to 5 minutes, while if the poison goes into a wound, it's instant. The victim must perform a DC 15 Will and Fortitude check, if any of the two fail, then the victim gets a racking gut ache along with a train of overwhelming suicidal thoughts. The victim must do a DC 30 Fortitude check to stop the gut aches of the victim will fall into even worse pain. A DC 25 Will check must be done for each suicide thought to prevent the victim from trying to commit suicide, usually there are around 10 suicide thoughts. The DC will check for the thoughts will increase by 5 for every consecutive thought. If the poison was administered through a wound, all DC checks increase by 5.

Secondary Damage: Poison lethally metabolizes:

Effect: The poison begins to paralyze the body. Every ten seconds another part of the body is numbed, then has difficulty to move, then completely paralyzed. Starting with the hands and fingers, and spreading to other extremities, then beginning to move inward towards the chest, but leaves the heart and lungs functional. The victim will receive severe diarrhea, and vomiting. this is very similar to a disease, thus many doctors give that medicine to the victim, which worsens the symptoms. After 10 minutes, the victim will have difficulty breathing, and has to do a DC Fortitude check starting with 5, and increasing by 1 every five seconds. after fifteen seconds the victim must do a DC 20 Will check against Insanity every six seconds, If failed then the victim will become insane incurably and permanently. After five minutes in the secondary phase, the victim's other symptoms will lessen slightly, while the victim will receive a 1d12 nonlethal damage per second. to stop each 1d10 nonlethal damage, roll a DC 40 Fortitude check. After the nonlethal hitpoints are either same of below the hitpoints, 2d12 lethal damage will occur until the victim is dead.

Prevention: Blatantly impossible. Needs ten Cure Severe Wounds for each minute affected, then another ten Cure Serious Wounds, and and an army of Healing Potions. If the victim is dead, use fifteen Ultimate Resurrections with a DC 40 Will check to all the clerics. If a single cleric fails that DC 40 check, then the Resurrection will not work. The 15 Ultimate Resurrection will make the victim live for five years. If the five years passed or the 15 spells failed, then the victim will be gone for good.

Price: 100,000 GP per dose

Forms of containment: 1 dose inside a brittle sphere, 5 dose bottle, 10 dose bottle, 15 dose bottle, 20 dose bottle

Note: This poison is not often sold by merchants, so one can't buy it from anywhere normal. Also bypasses immunities to poison.

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